Atlanta’s OMNI caught my ear based on two facts: 1) they were founded by an ex-member of Deerhunter and 2) they did some impeccable covers of the Boys Next Door and Alice Cooper over at Aquarium Drunkard a week ago. Now you might be saying “who gives a shit about covers? They’re not original songs,” … Continue reading

Camp Cope – “Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams”

I don’t know much about Camp Cope. Someone recommended them to me based on the fact that I like Courtney Barnett. What I do know is that they too are Australian and that they have a self-titled album out now. The album itself is slowly growing on me, but one track definitely sticks out amongst … Continue reading

Why The Fuck Aren’t You Listening to the Icarus Line?

It’s a simple question really. During my extended hiatus, LA’s the Icarus Line dropped their latest and possibly greatest record yet. All Things Under Heaven clocks in at just under an hour and fifteen minutes and is the sonic equivalent of a stray dog that struts, fucks, and bites its way out of our tepid … Continue reading

Parquet Courts Drop Video for “Human Performance”

I fucked up. If there’s one truth I can say I’ve definitely learned in my 26 odd years on this planet, it’s this: if there’s a good show going on and I have the means to go, I will always regret it if I don’t. I say this because I’m sitting here, listening to Parquet … Continue reading

Review: X-Communicate – Kristin Kontrol

Transformations are never really 180’s…or at least, the successful ones aren’t. Whenever an artist decides to drop their previous work and go in an entirely new direction, the best examples of these usually maintain some bits of their former self. For great examples of this, look at Bob Dylan going from folk to electric while his spirit … Continue reading

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