Gimme Danger – The Story of the Stooges Coming to the Belcourt November 4th

What can I say about the Stooges that hasn’t already been lionized? Not only were they the first and best punk band, but they may have just been the most dangerous band ever. Their first three records – and we’ll forget the other records that fell under the Stooges’ name afterwards because they missed the … Continue reading

Chromatics Drop Two New Bangers, No Release Date for New LP

Some of my friends tell me that if you’ve heard one Chromatics’ song, you’ve heard them all. If I’m being totally honest, they might not be THAT far off. Still, I don’t know exactly what it is, but Johnny Jewel’s electro-pop-with-bite act has always struck a nerve with me. I can listen to them nonstop … Continue reading

Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve Drop “Black Crow” Single

A record I’ve been really digging for the past two months comes from a band with a funny name. Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve is based out of London and despite being a band for almost a decade, they just released their debut album The Soft Bounce this past summer. They’ve been kicking up a storm across … Continue reading


Atlanta’s OMNI caught my ear based on two facts: 1) they were founded by an ex-member of Deerhunter and 2) they did some impeccable covers of the Boys Next Door and Alice Cooper over at Aquarium Drunkard a week ago. Now you might be saying “who gives a shit about covers? They’re not original songs,” … Continue reading

Camp Cope – “Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams”

I don’t know much about Camp Cope. Someone recommended them to me based on the fact that I like Courtney Barnett. What I do know is that they too are Australian and that they have a self-titled album out now. The album itself is slowly growing on me, but one track definitely sticks out amongst … Continue reading

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