In Loving Memory

August 6th, 1969 - October 21st, 2003

August 6th, 1969 - October 21st, 2003

Sorry this is late, considering the five year anniversary of his death was last week.

We may not always agree about everything on this blog, but one of the few artists that me, Phil, and Drew (who should be joining us soon) can say that we ALL love is Elliott Smith. There’s not too much that he has ever done bad. He never made a bad album.

What made Elliott so special was his ability to make things real. He’d write pretty melodies, yet have the saddest, deepest lyrics. He would put his heart and soul into a record and get something that only a few artists truly ever achieve: a connection with the audience. Many of his albums make you feel as if he’s in the room with you, singing the song on an old acoustic guitar.

His suicide/death in 2003 robbed our generation of probably one of our most important songwriters. And that’s a crying shame.

So here’s to you Elliott. There is no doubt that you have help me and a few others through some rough times. Thanks for the music and we all wish you were still here.

King’s Crossing:

Needle in the Hay:

St. Ides Heaven:

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