Lost a Little Bit Of Respect For Liam Gallagher

This is from back in September, but remember when Noel Gallagher got attacked onstage while Oasis was performing?

It made me realize how Liam really isn’t as tough as he claims to be. I mean, think about it. Back in the day, he would pick fights with Pete Doherty, Damon Albarn and even his own brother Noel, just to prove how tough he is. Yet, when someone tries to attack him onstage he skips away like a little girl until security comes and holds the attacker down. Then he tries to act like a tough guy.

I would have rather have seen Liam kick the fucker in the balls then that shameful display of cowardice. I still love Oasis, but damn it, Liam lost bro points.

Merry Christmas to everyone by the way.

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