Long Time Between Posts

Yeah, I know. It’s been a while since I last posted anything worthwhile on this site, but it’s been a busy time. School sucks as usual, my new job makes me drive 45 minutes a day out to nowhere to wash cars. We’re officially in a “recession”, so I guess I’m supposed to be bummed. My car is gone, totaled. Phil’s gone apparently and I have like one and a half readers left. But fuck it, here we go.

Lollapalooza line-up finally came out. Looks good. The only shitty part about it is that the fucking Killers are a headliner. Why are these dorks still around? They are just a bunch of disco assholes who seriously believe that they will be better than Nirvana and Zeppelin. Don’t think Plant would have ever wrote something as lame and dull as “Human”:

Speaking of Plant, the idea that his shitty solo album with Alison Krauss beat out Radiohead’s In Rainbows further proves how full of shit the Grammy’s really are.

Jack White’s got a new band out, The Dead Weather. Sounds like The White Stripes if Polly Jean Harvey joined and did vocals while Jack plays heavier stuff. Not a big fan of the Kills, but that girl from it seems to be holding down the fort on this record. It’s total worth checking out. I’m catching their show in Nashville at the end of the month. Shit’s gonna be killer.

Oasis still haven’t come back to the States. Hey Noel, hit up either Nashville before the 19th of August or St. Louis after that. And bring Kasabian. Their new record and single is badass.

While we’re on British bands, can someone please tell me the appeal of the Arctic Monkeys? I listened to Fluroscent Adolescent the other day and was like “this is the band everyone thinks will be bigger than Oasis?” No fucking way am I having any of that. If Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age can’t save this band with his amazing producing skills on their new album, then it’s a lost cause.

Pearl Jam is going back on tour. Eddie Vedder needs to lay off the chedder. He’s getting fat nowadays. Maybe he’s finally realized that Nirvana was a better band and has started eating himself to death. There’s no way I’m catching any of these shows unless homeboy does the truffle shuffle.

Saw Coldplay a couple of weeks ago in concert. Yeah, their best material was on that album with The Scientist on it, but they put on one hell of a show. Even I’ll admit it and I’m not a huge fan at all. Chris, you did good, but for fuck’s sake, cut down the ticket prices, man. I don’t care if you think you’re England’s biggest band (Oasis still is in my opinion), I don’t want to have to sell my first born child just for backrow seats again.

Speaking of overpriced tickets, what the fuck Bono? Was putting some serious thought into going to U2 in Atlanta in October until I saw tickets were 245 for fucking nosebleed seats. You serious? I don’t care if you do have Muse on the bill as well, that is no excuse for something like that. My last speeding ticket was that much and I only paid that cause I had to.

Michael Jackson croaked. It’s funny how the world stops for the death of a pedophile, all because the fucker wrote “Beat It”. True fans know that he died when he bleached his skin and turned into a white woman. Good riddance.

Went to Bonnaroo for a day. Caught NIN’s last show (until Trent annoucned even more tour dates just recently). They played The Day the World Went Away. I can die happy.

Radiohead’s making a new album. Fook yeah.

Josh Homme, Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones are making something apparently. Fook yeah.

Blink 182 is playing shows and recording a new album. WTFuck man? I thought we got rid of these pretentious bastards around the same time we got rid of Sum 41? Just when I thought America was making progress.

Who wants to give me Sonic Youth tickets for this show this week at the War Memorial?

In the past month or so, we have lost Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, and Steve Mcnair, and yet, those dudes from 3Oh!3 still live. There’s something wrong with this picture. Very wrong.

Bruno is gay. Really gay. But really funny. But at the same time, REALLY gay.

Still waiting for an Ali G comeback.

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