The Dead Weather at War Memorial, Nashville, TN 7.30.09

I despise anyone and everyone who says that Jack White is “overrated”. The man pours his heart and soul into every project he does, and most of the time, it comes out being stellar.

Headed over to the venue around 6, even though the show started at 730. Needed a little time to smoke a bowl in the parking lot. Totally worth it.

Got in the venue around 630, feeling pretty good. Met up with some friends at the show and just waited for the band to come on. The crowd was tense from the beginning to the end. Every time the house music on the PA would die down and there was a pause in between songs, the crowd would cheer, thinking that the band would come on soon. Got a bit annoying at one point because it felt like the sound booth dude was just fucking with us.

Around 8, the opening band the Screaming Females came on. The only female in the band is the singer/guitarist who, as my friend at the show best described her, looked like a 14 year old boy in a school uniform. She could shred on guitar and all, but despite the good weed, all I could keep thinking is “Is this their last song?”

After that, it was an hour wait for the Dead Weather. I tried smoking a cigarette inside, but some fucker behind me ratted me out to security. Allison Mosshart can smoke onstage but I can’t? Wanted to give the dude an “accidental” elbow during the show, but decided not to. Thanks asshole.

Then, the intro music started playing. Everyone cheered as loud as they could as the black curtain in the background dropped, revealing the Dead Weather’s backdrop. It was this cool design, but I’m not going to go into it, cause honestly, I didn’t know what the fuck it was.

As soon as the band played a warm up fill, guitarist Dean Ferita started the opening riff for 60 Feet Tall. The song is unbelievable on the album, but live, it is INSANE. Everything is heavier and it sounds awesome. Halfway through the song, vocalist Allison Mosshart did a backbend as Ferita slayed our faces off with a solo and Jack White beat the shit out of the drums. Mosshart would stand at the front of the stage on top of the speaker during the chorus, singing “I can take the trouble.” The audience would shout along with her “I’m 60 feet….TALL.”

The band continued to plow through their entire album the rest of the night. Highlights included “Will There Be Enough Water”, which included White returning to guitar, and bassist Jack Lawrence taking over drumming duties. Lots of cheers with White on guitars and vocals. The duet with Mosshart during that song was cool. Jack kept constantly pushing the hair out of his face when ever he could. Normally, I would tell that person to suck it up, but it’s Jack White. He makes it look cool.

For the encore (the band was offstage for an EXTREMELY short amount of time which was good), Mosshart came out smoking a cigarette and the band finished with “Treat Me Like Your Mother” and Bob Dylan’s “New Pony”. At the end of the last song, the band all got together and took a bow to a cheering crowd. White said something to the effect of “Thank you Nashville. See you soon.”

As the band exited the stage, I wondered if the next time Jack White returns to a stage in Nashville, if it will be with Meg White. Or with Brenden Brenson. Or with another new band that is sure to blow our minds. Fuck, I don’t care if he decides to make an album with just him on the triangle. I’ll be first in line for tickets.

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