It’s August now. Only 3 more days til Lollapalooza. And the shit has hit the fan. And by shit, I mean good shit. And yes, there is such thing as good shit.

Today, the Lollapalooza website added another aftershow to it’s list of aftershows. Instead of having a bunch of pretentious fucks as usual, they made a smart decision on this one. Without displaying the band’s name’s, they displayed 3 symbols. Band symbols to be more specifically. The first one was the Foo Fighters. The next one was Led Motherfucking Zeppelin. The last was Queens of the Goddamn Stone Age. And no, it isn’t these bands performing. It’s that supergroup we talked about a while back. Josh Homme on guitar and vocals, Dave Grohl on drums, and John Paul Jones on bass. Tickets going on sale this Thursday. They are called Them Crooked Vultures. We’re fucking there!

Okay, fan moment over.

So who the fuck is Lady Gaga? I heard that “Disco Stick” song and was thought, “Didn’t that slut of a rapper Lil’ Kim do this with that hack 50 Cent a while back?” Apparently, there’s another version. This woman is an absolute joke. Her lyrics are shit. Her fashion style is ridiculous and she thinks she’s being “creative” and has “misunderstood genius.” BITCH, YOU AIN’T DAVID BOWIE! GLAM ROCK DIED ALMOST 40 YEARS AGO!!!! Seriously though, get the fuck out.

Jack White’s releasing some solo shit soon. Don’t know how I feel about that. Don’t get me wrong. In a world of shit music, Jack White kills all of the posers and gives us all hope. But he just seems to gel much better in a band. Besides, the White Stripes is basically a side project, cause let’s face it, Meg White doesn’t really contribute that much to the White Stripes. Either way, we’ll give it a chance.

Muse released a new song. It’s alright. Kind of generic for Muse. My expectations for the new album are pretty low. Totally downloading it or borrowing it from a pretentious Muse fan (there’s THOUSANDS of those bastards), because I don’t feel like wasting my money on a record where Matt Belemey just shoves his head up his ass.

Creed is back together and touring. They’re coming to Nashville. I’ll give someone mad props if they bring a gun to that show and finish them off.

Same goes for Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit. Why are these people still alive?

Speaking of Linkin Park, found this on the internet the other day. This dude rules.

Still haven’t listened to the Arctic Monkey’s new record yet. Debating on whether I should or shouldn’t.

Trent Reznor is off twitter for good, but he promises he’ll return with “his best work”. At least NIN isn’t ending. Hopefully it’s better than the Slip though. Not a bad album, but not a great NIN album either.

A Place To Bury Strangers new album leaked today. Will definitely listen to that one.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Fuck Blink 182 and Angels & Airwaves. Recently, Tom DeLonge of both bands announced that Angels and Airwaves would release a new album called “Love” (real fucking original dude) on Valentine’s Day 2010. Apparently it’s free, so they know that it isn’t worth shit and that they wouldn’t make any money off it anyway. Here’s the trailer:

Seriously douche? You think you’ve found the perfect blend of U2 and Radiohead with Pink Floyd movements? The last pretentious asshole who said something like that was Chris Cornell about his album with Timbaland. Didn’t think it was possible, but you’re even MORE of a douche than Chris Cornell. You’re pretentious as fuck over your music that is quite possibly the shittiest blend of pop punk ever put together. You are NOT Roger Waters, You are NOT Bono (at least before 2000 when he was making good music) and you are for sure NOT Thom Yorke. Do us all a favorite and swallow a gun. Thanks.

Since I hate leaving us all on a bad note with shit music, the other day I rewatched Dewey Cox. My personal favorite scene:

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