So, Them Crooked Vultures made their debut last Sunday at the Metro in Chicago at Midnight. Tried to get tickets, but they sold out in four minutes. Bummer. Apparently the new album is called Deserve the Future. I’m stoked. Especially after hearing this:

So Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite. We couldn’t make this shit up if we tried.

Radiohead just announced that they are ditching the album format and just releasing songs now. Thom Yorke is seriously losing his shit. First the Twilight soundtrack, now this. Hey Thom, last musician who said he was taking that approach was Billy Corgan, and he BUTCHERED the Smashing Pumpkins name (as if Zeitgiest and Machina hadn’t already done that) by releasing shit jams like “Superchrist”. An album is supposed to be something cool from start to finish. Releasing stuff by songs is just like watching clips of a movie on TV. It just pisses everyone off and makes us want the actual movie IN FULL LENGTH. Please dude, lay off the pills or whatever weird shit you’re doing and get back to fucking work!

It Might Get Loud comes out on Friday. Definitely seeing that shit, but couldn’t we get someone better than the Edge? He’s done some cool shit, but I don’t think he’s worth standing next to Jack White and Jimmy Page, dudes who don’t rely soley on their PEDALS. Still going to be a killer movie though.

The Killers suck. To all of those who listen to them, STOP.

Lou Reed played at Lolla this past Sunday. He decided to be a dick and played right into Band of Horses setlist, which cause Band of Horses to play into Jane’s Addiction’s setlist and a bunch of Band of Horses fans getting pissed off at Lou Reed. Hey dorks, HE’S LOU MOTHERFUCKING REED. He can do whatever the fuck he wants. He’s a more legit musician than any of those dipshits in Band of Horses will ever be, so shut the fuck up and let the legend play.

Speaking of Jane’s Addiction, what the fuck? I went with my buddy Ryan for a few minutes before we hit the MSTRKRFT aftershow. The only reason we went is cause I wanted to hear the song “Whores”, which is fantastic. Didn’t play it in the 30 minutes we endured of suffering. Perry was supposed to come in on a helicopter for a big entrance, or at least that’s what he promised. One problem, how the fuck are you going to get a helicopter to drop a 50-year-old man who acts like he’s a 20 year old smack addict to land on a ROOFED stage? Obviously it didn’t happen, so Perry compromised by having the copter circle around once and then hired some skanks to dance around on stage. Big fucking whoop. Perry, it’s time to retire. I’m not even a Jane’s Addiction fan, but you’re seriously blowing your reputation. Lolla was great, so stick to that and leave Jane’s behind. Oh and next time, don’t have STS9 play in the DAYTIME.

For nostalgia, here’s the song they SHOULD have played:

Mariah Carey and Eminem are at each other’s throats again….and it’s pretty fucking funny. Long story short, she released this after he called her a slut on his newest album (which is like calling a piece of shit a piece of poop to be honest):

so he released this:

Even though his new music sucks a fat one, we’re all for Eminem on this one. Homeboy needs to get angry and do drugs again, cause this stuff is so much better than anything on his last two albums.

New style of music sweeping the nation: VOMITCORE

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