Review: Daylight/Control – Bad Cop

Growing up in Nashville, I was exposed to a bunch of shit music. From the Amy Grant Christmas concert my mom dragged me to when I was 8, to the numerous shitty hardcore bands that I was exposed to (and I supported because my friends were in the bands), the fact that I don’t listen to shit like Good Charolete or Hollywood Undead right now is a fucking miracle. But thankfully, my balls dropped and I turned off the radio. Anyways, since that point, besides big bands that stopped in, there were no good locals acts. Nothing was really too special. This year has changed a lot. I’m starting to have faith in the idea that Nashville is going to get more good bands that actually have balls. Bad Cop is one of those bands with balls.

Daylight – 8 out of 10

First time I listen to this song, I kind of did picture Joy Division a bit. At least with the drums. Adam definitely has the baritone voice thing, but unlike those pussies from Interpol, he’s not ripping off Ian Curtis. It’s definitely perfect for Bad Cop, which is another thing I really like about this band. Everything just mashes up very nicely together. The chemistry between everyone in the band seems to make the band what it is. Did I mention the fact that Hartness’s guitar solo is just plain sexy? If you don’t get laid with this track, then sorry dude, you might want to call it a day on that.

Control – 7 out of 10
Definitely darker than Daylight. The opening guitar riff is cool. The added organ keys are good touch as well. Adam’s lyrics on this track are pretty fucking tight as well. There’s not too much I can complain about on this track, but…..
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good track, and a good contrast for Daylight for the single, but personally, I would have put “One in the Same” on the single instead. The guitar is great, Adam’s vocal delivery is rough, but full of passion, the bass is full. It’s just a better track in general. Blared it from my dorm the other day, a lot of people liked it. The only ones who didn’t were the prudes who live down the hall, but fuck them, they’re still upset at me and others for throwing a pants-less party in their room. That and they like and sing “Party In the USA”. But anyways, long story short, unless you’re a fucking prude that sings Miley Cyrus, “One in the Same” is fucking great.

So basically, if you haven’t gotten on the whole Bad Cop train yet, get on it. Here’s a list of tour dates, which by the way Adam, what the fuck is with no St. Louis dates? I hardly ever get back to Nashville to see these dudes play and when I do, they are usually touring some place else or not playing shows in general. Anyways, if you get a chance, go to one of these shows.

Dec 18 2009 – Nashville, Tennessee – Rabbit hole w/ Cy + SO Jazzy
Jan 8 2010 – South Nashville, Tennessee – Secret spot w/ O Pioneers and Till Plains!
Jan 9 2010 – Nashville, Tennessee – Thick as Thieves presents Bad Cop and Majestico @ 12th and Porter
Feb 3 2010 – Brooklyn, New York – Don Pedro’s
Feb 5 2010 – Detroit, Michigan – TBA
Feb 7 2010 – Philly, Pennsylvania – The National Mechanics
Feb 10 2010 – Brooklyn, New York – Don Pedro’s
Feb 14 2010 – Philly, Pennsylvania – The National Mechanics
Feb 17 2010 – Brooklyn, New York – Don Pedro’s
Feb 21 2010 – Philly, Pennsylvania – The National Mechanics
Feb 24 2010 – Brooklyn, New York – Don Pedro’s
Feb 28 2010- Philly, Pennsylvania – The National Mechanics

5 Responses to “Review: Daylight/Control – Bad Cop”
  1. BILLY HO says:

    i do hip hop music in nashville..met adam cause he was dating my girls(now wife)sister..he was making beats then so we got together and he co/produced a few of my songs!! we have remained friends and even though i dont listen to this of music …i will always support BAD COP!!! if you like quality hip hop without all the cursing and talking bout dope and shit…then check out GET FRESH ENT @ …holla!!!

  2. Joustydusly says:

    Unadulterated words, some truthful words dude. Totally made my day.

  3. lol says:

    Original? Ha. Not really. Just a bunch of kids playing a retro style who are too young to have any business doing it. Plus the singer sounds like a retarded Elvis that had sex with Jim Morrison going through puberty. Ha… I b trolling!

  4. canio1990 says:

    Adam fucked your mom, didn’t he? It’s not all his fault dude. She pays good money.

  5. mims says:

    anyone says someone is too young to play a style of music is a fucking idiot. sounds like you just don’t like the singer dude. either way the band is decent.

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