Adam Anyon E goes solo

Adam Anyon E

Adam Anyon E

Unless you’re just starting to read this site, then you should know who Adam Anyon E is by now. For those who have been blowing it, he’s the lead singer of Bad Cop and pretty legit dude all around. Anyways, looks like homeboy is jump starting his solo career.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m extremely skeptical when a band I like has one of their main dudes go solo or something. In the past, it has either worked out great (see Lou Reed and Noel Gallagher when his solo album comes out) or it’s utter shit (see Richard Ashcroft of the Verve or Iggy Pop’s Skull Ring). Many people have told me that I need to be in a different state of mind cause solo stuff is supposed to be different from the main band and I get that. But honestly, if it sounds like a piece of shit, I don’t care what different direction they were going for.

Luckily, that’s not the case with Adam Anyon E. Yes, this is extremely different from Bad Cop (despite Alex Hartness doing drums for a couple of tracks), but different isn’t bad. Adam told me that all of the other tracks besides Sail Away were recorded in 2009. They aren’t bad though. Gimme Gimme Lemme Give Ya is a simple but cool track. It’s a cool chord progression and a catchy verse. Proves that simple isn’t bad. The only thing that I can honestly say I don’t like is the opening lines for Ocean Baby(y)(y)(y). Just a little too goofy for me, though the whole “I’m gonna do her” line is not bad. The whale sounds at the beginning though should have been left off.

The stand out track though is definitely Sail Away though. It’s a noisy track that kind of sounds like Wavves on even more drugs. And that’s a good thing. I can’t understand a damn thing Adam says, but it’s not necessary because it sounds a lot better with a bunch of incomprehensible screams. It makes it sound really cool. If this is what Adam is gonna be making in between time with Bad Cop and whatever else he gets his hands on, then this is pretty fucking cool.

In conclusion, I know that all of these reviews about Bad Cop and its members are kind of running together at this point, but fuck you people. It’s my blog and I’ll choose which bands I think deserve attention and what bands don’t (I’m looking at you Green Day and you’re shitty Broadway Musical, but more on that later). And Bad Cop and Adam deserve attention cause, well, they’re fucking good at what they do.

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