Bad Cop/Hussy Split Tape

Sorry about the lack of updates, but it’s called going to college, having a drug habit and a sex life. I could do that or be on my computer all day like a fucking nerd. Still, more stuff will be on it’s way. First off.

Bad Cop

The Hussy

If you’re one of the five people who reads this site (thanks), then you know that I think Bad Cop is the shit and that they’re pretty chill dudes. Their songs on the tape are good shit. Big City Small Town took a couple of listens, but I realized that it was pretty legit. Ready to Die is cool too and Daylight, the new single which I already reviewed, is the shit. Blah blah blah. If you’re not already listening to them, you’re blowing it and I’m kind of tired of saying that. So if you don’t get it by now, it’s a lost cause.

The Hussy I just heard about. It took me a couple of listens to kind of get them, because it’s a really different style then I was expecting. With Bad Cop on the tape, I expected to hear something similar. It’s not though, and that’s actually a good thing. The riffs are pretty cool and though I’m usually skeptical of female vocalist at first (not sexist at all, but you gotta remember, when I was 9, the only ones around were Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child, so I’m skeptical by nature), Heather does a pretty damn good job. So yeah, they’re worth a try.
So basically, you get two great bands on one tape. Yeah, I know, tapes are a pain in the ass unless you have one in your car, but it can’t be too bad. Suck it up and get one out of the 200 they’re releasing. It’s worth the hassle, especially since bands like these are hard to find nowadays.

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