Shit, I’m falling behind nowadays. Yeah, I know, besides the Bad Cop reviews, this site hasn’t been exactly up and running lately. Sorry to the five people who read it, but it’ll be up and running full speed ahead once summer kicks off I hope.

Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), his wife Mariqueen and Atticus Ross (12 Rounds) have a new project on their hands. It’s called How To Destroy Angels. It seems like the anti- “Sonny and Cher”. The new video is called “The Space Between”. It’s not bad, but unfortunately, it hasn’t grown on me yet. I’m willing to give Reznor the benefit of the doubt though and I’ll listen to the EP. Hopefully it gets less boring though. Maybe I’m just not in the right mood. See for yourself, it’s on Pitchfork.

Gorillaz apparently kicked ass at Coachella. They’re planning a massive tour (Albarn better bring it somewhere they I can drive to) and the Melancholy Hill video is due out soon. For those who haven’t heard Plastic Beach, get on it. One of the best albums of the year.

Also, watched that Blur documentary No Distance Left to Run. It was pretty damn good. Made me respect Blur a lot more (always been an Oasis fan). Gonna go “buy” some of their discography (Self titled and 13 probably, their older stuff is too weird for me at some points).

Speaking of documentaries, the new Doors documentary, When You’re Strange, is fucking awesome. Johnny Depp finally quit blowing Tim Burton to do the narrative for this documentary, and he does a pretty good job.

It contains footage never before seen and information from the Doors themselves and not the Oliver Stone shit.

At first, I didn’t dig the new Dead Weather album, Sea of Cowards. I thought it was just one angry song after another with Jack and Alison changing every four songs. However, I think it’s grown on me, cause I dig Blue Blood Blues and Hustle and Cuss. It’s a grower, definitely different than the first, but shapes up to be a solid album.

The Black Keys put out another record called Brothers. It’s pretty good and a shit ton better than that Blakroc shit. Thank God.

Hole (or Courtney Love’s last attempt to pay for her drug habit so she kicked everyone else out and took the name for herself) put out a new album. I decided to give it a chance. Yeah, this woman killed Kurt (he did kill himself, but who wouldn’t have killed themselves if they were married to Courtney?), but this album is like a shorter, less dramatic version of Chinese Democracy, of course I gotta listen to it. The first song showed promise (I was even surprised), but that soon ended as soon as she started ripping off the chord progression for Oasis’s Wonderwall (bitch, Green Day tried that six years ago and Noel let them have it). After that, the album went downhill with songs like Skinny, Little Bitch (autobiographical much?) and other train wrecks. So in short, save your money, or go buy the new Black Keys album instead.

Finally got around to listening to Spoon’s new album. It’s great. Buy it. Written in Reverse is awesome.

The new LCD Soundsystem album has a couple of good tunes, but doesn’t compete with Sound of Silver. Still worth a listen though. Just skip the song Drunk Girls. It’s kinda too ridiculous.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s new album Mojo comes out in June. Fuck yeah nucca. Gonna be there when they come to Nashville. Hope he skips out on playing Free Fallin’ and substitutes in something from the Last DJ. Runnin’ Down a Dream is still welcomed though. That song never gets old.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club wrapped up their states tour last month. The new album Beat the Devil’s Tattoo is the shit. Pick it up if you can. They put on one hell of a live show too. They destroyed St. Louis when they came back in March. Will definitely be seeing them when they come back through the States (hopefully soon).

Lady Gaga still sucks. Everyone is comparing her to Madonna. That’s fine, except Madonna sucks too and people are forgetting that.

Muse blows now. If you want proof, watch this:

This is pretty much the final nail in the coffin. The first was the horrible new album. Then the horrible tour with the Silvershit Pickups. Now this abomination for that fucking Vampire movie shit. They’re done. Complete shit nowadays.

Liam Gallagher’s new band is apparently called Beady Eye. It’s got ex-Oasis members Gem Archer, Andy Bell, and Chris Shamrock. No new music yet, but even though the band name is kinda weird, I’m actually really interested on where this band goes with Noel’s guidance. Noel’s solo album is apparently underway as well. This should be interesting.

Oh and the new Oasis singles collection Time Flies..1994-2009 looks legit as hell. I would totally drop money on it, except I don’t even have a vinyl player at the moment.

Just got the new Broken Social Scene album. Haven’t listened to it all the way through, but Texico Bitches is pretty good. Gonna give it a listen later.

Fuck all of these other festival line ups for the summer. Lolla has a few bands that I like (but I’ll still be going for Wavves, the Strokes and for a family reunion), Bonnaroo has a fucked up schedule (and Dave Matthews as a headliner, gross). I think the best festival line up is NXNE 2010.

Iggy and the Stooges, De La Soul, Mudhoney, Japandroids, Wavves, Mini Mansions, AA Bondy, and more great bands. Totally worth the trip to Canada. Someone should hook me up.

For those who have been following me on facebook or twitter or whatever, you should know that I have a radio show on KSLU nowadays (http://kslu.slu.edu/). It’s called Mind Eraser, No Chaser. I’ve already done two shows for warm up and am going to kick off into it right away next semester. When I go back to SLU and start doing it again, feel free to call in at 314.977.1581. As long as your request doesn’t blow and you turn out to not be a cocksmoker, I’ll put you on the air. More info when I get word of it.

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