Can’t Slow Down: Adam Anyone vs. Anyone

An edit for the complainers (who are probably bed wetters and virgins as well): I know I just reviewed this dude, but Adam got rid of some of the demos that were lacking and came back with some stronger shit. This shit warrants a review. So here we go:

I’m convinced Adam never sleeps. Ever.  Besides being on tour promoting his other band Bad Cop (which if you’re a stranger to this site, see the million other reviews I’ve given them), going off and doing more drugs than Amy Winehouse and Nathan Williams combined, banging your mom and girlfriend at the same time (probably while you’re reading this), and living the life, Adam has found time to actually make a solo effort. And it’s pretty damn good.

Like the title suggest, this is kind of a family band. There are a bunch of familiar faces on this project along with some new ones.  Alex Hartness of Bad Cop (dude plays guitar like it’s pussy and smokes good shit) is on this record along with Karl Merkley of Bad Cop (dude slays on drums and will drink you under the table) and Dylan Rowe of Bad Cop and the Matches (dude kills at the bass and is nice enough to bum my drunk ass cigs). Adam’s main partner in crime on this record is some dude named Oliver from NYC who plays drums and guitar. Don’t know the dude, but judging by the tracks he’s laid down, he’s obviously got talent. These wholesome young whippersnappers comprise the Something Family Band.

The band’s bio:

“Adam Anyone was formed in Brooklyn in March 2010 with Adam and Oliver using drugs and playing music in a dirty record store in Brooklyn.”

Sounds like a keeper.

Anyways, enough of that jazz, let’s get to the music. If you read my review of the demos 2 months ago, you should know that most of it is good stuff already. However, alot of the songs have gone from sounding lo-fi (think a more fucked up, chaotic version of Wavves) to a much cleaner sound (not Wavves, but Adam’s probably still as fucked up (if not more) than Nathan Williams). For example, you can hear Adam singing more clearly on “Sail Away.” Knowing Adam, he probably was on a boat with a bunch of fantastic prescription meds, a guitar, and a bunch of rum. The only thing he was missing was probably a sail or a motor, hence the title “Sail Away.” No, this is not an official explanation, but c’mon, that sounds like something Adam would do for shits and gigs.

“Sexxx” isn’t a bad song. Not my favorite to be honest, but the chaotic approach of the song is likeable. Sounds like rough sex in the back of a rental car. Once again, not bad, but not my favorite.

“Brooklyn Beach” is your summertime song. Fantastic song for the first single. The song has a great groove to it. The guitar lick is addicting. Never been to Brooklyn Beach, but this kind of makes me wish I could if I wasn’t poor (state of mind or the actual place). Dare I say it sounds like Amores Perros by Bad Cop? It does, if you were playing it as you woke up the next morning on the beach still drunk without your shoes, wallet or mind. It’s a great song, and the fact that it is supposed to be the first single is a fantastic choice.

“Here for the Night” reminds me of those nights you go to an absolutely shitty party. Shitty people, shitty place, shitty beer and (as if adding insult to injury) shitty drugs. Instead of taking it like a bitch and being stuck there for the night, ya finish off 1/5 of a handle of Jack and go around and make your own fun. Whether that be by telling the life of the party that he blows big time or stealing the hoodrats from the party and going to the backseat of the biggest car. It’s a big middle finger to those who want you to leave. Blows dude, cause Adam’s sticking around for the night to fuck shit up even more.

“I’m Manic, I’m Crazy” has the heaviest riff of all the songs I’ve listed here. The distortion makes the track. That and Adam’s opening lines. He announces the title, also proclaiming “I’m fucking nuts.” If you haven’t figured that out this point, then you’re a lost cause, but Adam is nice enough to retell you (before calling you a fucktard behind your back). It’s a great closing track.

Most musicians joke about living fast, dying young and living a good looking corpse (which usually means you didn’t go off hard enough anyways) and hardly take it seriously. I can’t predict the future and don’t own a crystal ball or any of that stuff at all. I do know this though. Adam embraces the “live fast, die young” mentality more seriously than most people who go to church accept Christianity. He plans on making a difference. The question is will he be around long enough to see it happen? We’re talking about a guy who openly smokes blunts on stage, drinks more Purple Drink (codine and Sprite) than most people drink water, goes to bars and follows the teachings of fallen idols from generations past like Kurt Cobain, Ian Curtis and Jim Morrison. He’s not afraid of tomorrow, cause why should he worry about something that isn’t guaranteed for him?

At this point this review sounds like a handjob. But if you’ve met the man, seen him live or listened to his music, you know this: Adam doesn’t fuck around.

Bad Cop’s “Harvest the Beast” (which sounds fucking great from what I’ve heard) is due Mid-2010. Adam’s solo stuff is to be released in the winter. Hopefully, it won’t be a posthumous release.

5 Responses to “Can’t Slow Down: Adam Anyone vs. Anyone”
  1. random says:

    adam anyone is our modern day kurt cobain, i love the kid to death. he scared the whole city of nashville by being too real, not being them and i will always love you for that adam.

  2. sulter says:

    FUCK THAT, kids an angry DICK

  3. SomeoneEveryone says:

    Yeah dude you’re sucking this mediocre dudes cock so fucking hard. He can’t sing for shit and in every single project he’s in he’s completely disposable and should at the very least be replaced. The comparisons here and the dick sucking ruin any credibility you may think you have or hope to have as a music critic.

    • canio1990 says:

      Ya, I know there have been a bunch of these articles on Bad Cop and Adam on here recently. I don’t update this stuff much, and usually their shit is pretty fucking cool and it comes out when I feel like writing stuff on this blog. Big deal. Cry about it.
      I disagree. I think he’s got talent.
      What comparisons are you talking about? Who did I compare him to?
      Music Critic? When the fuck did I ever say I was one of those? I just blog about shit I think deserves attention. So fuck off.

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