Where Did the Night Fall – UNKLE

That last album they did sucked. Sorry but that’s the truth. End Titles…Stories for Film was shit. There was like one good song with Josh Homme and it was just a redo of the better album War Stories. Now, that was an album. Josh Homme, Autolux, the Duke Spirit and a bunch of other great songs all thrown in. That album was one of the best of 2007. Then Richard File left and the band wasn’t as great. But the new album, while it doesn’t top War Stories, is an improvement.

The song Follow Me Down is forgettable unfortunately. They should have left it off and started off the album with Natural Selection. It’s got  Austin, Texas band the Black Angels on it. They’re pretty badass alone, so this pairing with UNKLE is awesome. It’s an interesting collaboration with a bunch of fuzzed guitars, electronic drums, atmospheric synths and reverbed vocals. Very trippy. Very cool.

Joy Factory is up next with the LA band Autolux. Awesome. They did a great track on War Stories and Joy Factory is another cool collaboration. It’s nice to see a lot of great things happening for Autolux this year since they are a cool spacey band that deserves a lot more attention than they get. This great track will definitely help get them exposure.

On A Wire with Ellie J has this strange trippy appeal to it. Maybe it’s the thumping bass line, the synth line in the chorus and the vocal delivery of Ellie. But it’s a cool track. Definitely a stand out and worth noting. Her other track Runaways has a great bass line too.

One of my favorite tracks on this album is Mark Lanegan’s Another Night. Being a fan of Queens of the Stone Age and his solo stuff, I love Lanegan’s vocals. They’re whiskey strong and bluesy as hell. He’s in the same league as Tom Waits in my opinion. It’s a great closer track and it’s interesting to hear Lanegan’s vocals in front of orchestral horns. A great ending.

Not the best album of 2010 to be honest, but it’s progress. I think the next album will be a lot better but this one has some decent tracks and cool artwork. Hopefully they’re still going up the hill.

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