New Them Crooked Vultures track

Anyone who reads this knows that I think anything Josh Homme touches is usually gold. Let’s face it, he’s got an unbelievable track record with one of the best rock bands out there (Queens of the Stone Age) and a lot of great collaborations (Eagles of Death Metal, UNKLE, etc). So it comes at no surprise that Them Crooked Vultures has tasty riffs, intricate lyrics and good beats considering that the band has the bass skills of John Paul Jones of Led motherfucking Zeppelin, and Dave Grohl of Nirvana.

These guys are taking a hiatus soon while they all go back to their other bands, though JPJ is probably just gonna go back to his bad ass mansion, smoke dope and drink til the gang is ready to reunite (it’s undeniable that anyone else who was in Zeppelin would be doing the same thing). Hopefully he won’t end up like this dude:

Recently though, they have been debuting a few  b-sides from their album live and they’re not too bad. Below is a link for a new one played in Chicago called “You Can’t Possibly Begin to Imagine”. I like it. It’s got a bluesy riff to it that is worth a listen. The quality’s a little off, but this is the only decent verison out there. That and beggars can’t be choosers so whatever. This should hold you over til a better copy comes along. Enjoy!

You Can’t Possibly Begin to Imagine – Them Crooked Vultures

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