Lollapalooza Guide 2010

This week is like fucking Christmas for me. Actually, it’s even better cause I actually get stuff I want instead of socks. First, I’m off for seven glorious days. I have a little bit of spending money for beer and the house to myself during the daytime. Peace and quiet, which I’m gonna need, cause on Thursday night, I’m hopping on a plane and heading to Chicago for Lollapalooza! The land of good music and $8 tall boys of Bud Light. Staying with my buddy Evan and he’s already texted me to inform me the fridge is stocked once my plane touches down. Meeting up with the Lolla family at the park and whoever else I run into. I’m doing it right this year. Might not make it back in one piece. It’s very possible I could become a vegetable. I avoided it the past two years on luck alone. Will the third time be the charm? You never know….

But anyways, aside from the rant, the question is, who’s worth seeing at Lollapalooza? Lucky for you guys, you’ve got me. Not gonna lie, sometimes for bands that don’t matter to you too much, you might have to play it by ear. It can be tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it. I’m gonna give you the essentials that you need. After that, you can really just go with the flow.


Wavves – I’ve already reviewed this dude multiple times. Nathan Williams has had a pretty cool music career so far. He’s been going off harder than most other bands do in their 30’s. Dude doesn’t mess around and neither does his music. He goes on WAY too early, but those who can catch him should catch him.

Devo – I’m not gonna lie, this is a really weird band. Everyone knows the “Whip It” song. That song is about ingrained in your brain as the fact that the Statue of Liberty is in New York. We know about it, but seeing it in person is a totally different. Even if you don’t dig the music completely, it’s gonna be a spectacle. I intend on seeing this first hand. Plus, their drummer is Josh Freese, one of the best in the world. As Jim Morrison once said, “Where’s your will to be weird?”

The Black Keys – They are kind of regulars at the festival, but this drum and guitar duo kicks ass. The new album Brothers is sick. Very bluesy, very cool. If you get a chance, you should definitely hit these dudes up.

The Strokes – Usually, I’m not for people ripping off Ian Curtis’ vocal style, but I’m willing to give Julian Casablancas a pass on this one, considering that the Strokes’ first two albums were pretty good. We’ll forget about the third one and take large pulls of whiskey during those songs. It’s that or go see Lady Gaga, which I would literally have had to finish a fifth of whiskey by myself to be able to pretend I’m having fun. The Strokes is simply more bearable because they have a couple of decent songs.

See if you can also catch: The Walkmen, Matt and Kim, New Pornographers

Avoid like the plague: Lady Gaga, Fuck Buttons, and The Big Pink


The Soft Pack – I’ve only heard a couple of their songs, but they seem worth checking out. It’ll be interesting to see how their music transfers live. If it’s not good, I’ll duck out and get some beer. If it’s good, I’ll stick around. THEN duck out and get beer afterwards. I can’t see a losing situation here, can you?

Grizzly Bear- Let me set the record straight, just cause I didn’t suck these dudes off like Pitchfork Media or Spin or any of those fake fucks did doesn’t mean that I don’t think this band isn’t too bad. Yeah, they have a couple of snoozers, but I can see this live set while being under the influence of something being a really cool show. And if it gets boring, like I said earlier, duck out and grab some stuff.

Spoon – I used to think that nothing great ever really came out of Texas save for ZZ Top. But in the recent years, I’ve been proven wrong. They’ve produced a cool band called the Black Angels and now these guys. What makes Spoon so appealing to me is that one of the first time I heard them was when I saw them live. They went off really well on the new album and I think it’ll be good live. We’ll shall see.

See if you get the chance: The xx (normally I’m not a fan, but they’re pretty good chill music), Stars, Phoenix (it’s that or Green Day and fuck Green Day)

Avoid like the plague: Green Day, AFI


MGMT – These guys blew it with their last album. It was complete bullshit, yet I’m willing to bet $20 that it’ll appear on Pitchfork or Spin’s top 20 list at the end of the year. So why did I mention them? Cause let’s face it, as much as we hate to admit it, the first album was pop gold. It was simply a fun album to groove to. And yeah, some of their videos are about as appealing as 3Oh!3 videos, but at least the music’s not bad.
Cypress Hill – There’s no other excuse for me wanting to see this show other than me wanting to get REALLY high and to be able to hear Insane in the Brain. And for me, that’s good enough reason to see these dudes. If you need more reason, than you’re a lost cause:
Arcade Fire- They are a decent live band and since they have a limited number of tour dates through out the US, I’m gonna take advantage of this. Plus the new album is a grower but fuck BBC for saying it’s the new OK Computer. Fuck no!
Why I didn’t choose Soundgarden is simple: Chris Cornell is a fucking douche. I can’t support him anymore. Search farther back in the blog to find out why I can’t support him in anyway nowadays. It’s a shame cause Soundgarden has a couple of decent songs.
See if you can catch them: Minus the Bear, Wolfmother, and X Japan (the music blows but this band would be hilarious for 10 minutes).
Avoid like the Plague: Health, Switchfoot
While it’s not the best lineup ever, Lollapalooza has a bunch of great acts worth catching. For the ones that blow, there’s usually weed or beer around to help numb ya til something good goes on. Until then, I’m off to the Windy for 3 days of family, beer, and good music. Drop a line if you wanna buy me the first round.

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