Mini Mansions E.P.- Mini Mansions

I hate iTunes. Yeah, I know that is the stereotypical thing I was supposed to say. iTunes sucks, down with the music industry greedy corporate fucks…blah blah blah. Whatever. I’m just not a fan of it. Unfortunately, as far as I knew, it was the only way to purchase this E.P I wanted to listen to. After much consideration and some boredom, I decided to cave in and give iTunes my credit card information. Fortunately, this album was worth selling out for.

For most of you who don’t know, Mini Mansions is a band out of Los Angeles founded by Michael Shuman (Queens of the Stone Age, Jubilee), Zach Dawes, and Tyler Parkford.  I started following Shuman’s work after I saw clips of him slaying bass for Queens and thought Jubilee, despite not releasing much, is an awesome band. Also, Wires on Fire wasn’t bad either, so I figured I could give his new stuff a shot.

I was ready for Shuman to melt my face with his badass bass skills and his awesome new band. I was ready for straightforward, non-negotiable rock n’ roll. What I got was the exact opposite. And after a second listen, I realized it was better than I expected.

Mini Mansions isn’t your typical band. It’s not a traditional rock band setup. There’s not even a full drumset in the band. Shuman plays drums standing up and alternates between bass lines and guitar while Dawes and Parkford share similar duties regarding vocals, piano and guitar. This strange set up result unique sounding tunes that pay tribute to classics like the Beatles and Elliott Smith (literally sounds just like him on a few tracks). It’s a different kind of psychedelic. If Queens of the Stone Age is your body on acid and speed, then Mini Mansions is your body on acid and valium. With calming piano lines, unconventional drums, a soft vocal lines and spacey lyrics, the music paints a pretty picture. Standout tracks include Majik Marker, Seven Sons, Dirty T.K.O., and the Great Escape.

Their full length debut album is due out November 2nd. There’s no reason you should skip out on this band. Don’t do what I did. Fork out the money and buy this album. You won’t regret it.

Sorry that all that’s available are live videos mostly. Listen on iTunes for a better idea or see if Grooveshark has it.

Majik Marker

or Grooveshark link:

Seven Sons

The Great Escape

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