Harvest the Beast – Bad Cop

Somewhere out there, some dweeb sitting at home is waiting for me to post this review so he can go off on how I “write too much” about this band or something with a lot more profanity. My opinion on that? Take a xanax, drink a beer, take a hit, or whatever. Do what you need to do to CHILL THE FUCK OUT. No one’s putting a gun to your head and making you read this, but thanks for the hit! Besides, I still think this band is the tits, and though I’ve been sitting on this album since July, I still think it deserves attention.

Bad Cop is a 3 piece band from Nashville, TN. If you want anymore info, you can look it up on here somewhere, cause I’ve reviewed this band multiple times before. Once again, pop a Xanax.

Bad Cop’s two strong points are this: chaos and oblivion. These dudes don’t slow down. Okay, there are certain tracks were they do slow down a little. Songs like Amores Perros and One in the Same would be good demonstrations. I wasn’t a fan of Amores Perros when I first heard it and I still think it’s not the best opener. However, if it was placed further down the album, it could have fit in and been a good break from the chaos. But maybe that was their plan. Say “Yeah, we’re softies” then go “PSYCH!” as Alex’s riff for Tonight Only kicks in and Kharl’s drumming gets heavier. The next thing you know, Adam gives you two for flinching as he belts out “I wanna make you have an earthquake.” Food for thought at least.

The band then jumps into chaos. Tracks like Daylight, I Ask Questions and Control are prime examples of this. The band delivers solid cuts with great riffs, heavy drums and spacey lyrics that hit home. This chaos is what the band drags kicking and screaming into oblivion. Oblivion is the point of no return for Bad Cop. Tracks like I’m in Lust with You, Big City Small Town and the Joy-Division-esque Time After Time are prime examples of oblivion. Alex’s guitar gets cranked, distorted and probably smashed at some point. The drum skins get beaten to a bloody pulp as if Kharl’s the devil’s drum machine. The lyrics screamed and shouted as if Adam’s gonna suffocate if he doesn’t say them(we’re talking more like Iggy, not the faggot from the Used). And it sounds great. It sounds like the band means every bit of it. Cause they do.

If the bars are wearing off, pop another cause I’m not done yet.

Any band can have a rock n’ roll attitude. It’s not exactly hard to stand on stage, get loaded on a cocktail of prescription meds and look pretty. Compared to all of the other lowly shit jobs out there, it’s not hard at all. However, making good music that warrants that behavior is a totally different aspect. That’s what Bad Cop does. They’re a band that lives the life but has something great to show for it. In layman’s terms: they’re not posers.

Harvest the Beast is out September 14th on ROIR! records. Bad Cop is going on a massive tour. Catch them if you can.




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