Best Coast – September 13th – Mercy Lounge

It’s hard for me to admit I’m a fan of Best Coast. It’s kind of like cheating on a test or porking the fat chick next door. It’s not something I go out of my way to tell everyone about. That said, I think her debut album Crazy for You isn’t too bad. There are a couple of too many “I miss you” songs but if you can dig through the filler ones, some of the other ones aren’t too bad. Plus, the instrumentation is awesome.

The Cults opened for Best Coast last night. They were a mixed bag. While a couple of songs were decent and some cool riffs and such, some of them were very whiney. Whatever the third song they played was made me want to stick my fingers in my ears. I headed to the bar instead. In their defense though, the last song they played was pretty fucking cool. This is a band you can have like 3 songs on your iTunes for, but probably won’t pick up the album cause there’s filler. Meh.

Best Coast came out to Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA”, which was probably the worst idea for a band I’m already skeptical about. Even as a joke, that song is still fucking annoying. Bethany informed us that she was backstage watching the VMA’s and that to most of our dismay, Kanye’s performance sucked. She said she a little more respect for a meat covered Lady Gaga and refused to talk about Katy Perry. After the banter, she launched into the music.

For an hour and half, we got all of the details of her life as her lyrics sound like they were ripped out of her diary. Basically, this is it: You’re not her boyfriend, and she really wants you. It’s not exactly complicated or subtle. And after 30 minutes, it starts to get old. The problem with Best Coast is that she could have cut her album down to six songs and had a much stronger album (and with less backlash) album. Songs like “Goodbye”, “The End”, and “Summer Mood” are stand out tracks that would be a lot better if they weren’t immediately followed by 2 songs that sound exactly like them lyric-wise. The instrumentation is cool and throws back to surf rock, so why not just change up the lyrics? She could have some great tunes if she would grow up out of this “not-my-boyfriend” phase.

She puts on a good performance though and can be funny on stage. She knocked on Lady Gaga calling her fans “monsters” by calling us her “snacks”. She discouraged us taking acid, but then smirked and said, “I’m just kidding, take all the fucking acid you want.” Despite the ill advice, she can be pretty funny.

See, I want to like Best Coast. She’s funny, has a few decent songs, and obviously likes to have fun if she’s dating Nathan Williams of Wavves. However, what she needs to do is cut down on the filler. I’ll wait until the next album til final judgement on Best Coast, but if she keeps up this current route, her lyrics are not gonna be much better than My Chemical Romance, Taylor Swift or any of those other tweeps who are still pissed their boyfriends broke up with them. In which case, stay at home, dork.

The End


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