New Noel Gallagher Tunes on the Way!

It’s been over a year since the Gallaghers went back to their hooligan ways and started breaking each other’s guitars, which caused the end of one of the last great rock bands, Oasis. Since then, not much has been heard about them. Noel played 2 solo shows sans new songs and Liam has been working on his clothing line, Pretty Green and his new band, Beady Eye, which has yet to release anything. So it seems like everything has gone quite in the world of Oasis, until recently.

It was announced earlier that Noel was going back into the studio to record drums for “someone”. That someone turned out to be the Jam’s Paul Weller and he confirmed for the 505968th time that Noel’s solo stuff is indeed awesome. Even yesterday,’s Travis Keller tweeted something interesting:

“Alan McGee said that Noel Gallagher’s new demos are AWESOME! “Everybody’s On The Run is up there with Live Forever” OMG! @oasis

For those wondeirng, Alan McGee was the head of Creation Records, Oasis’s old label. And yeah, we’re about as excited as Travis is on this one.

Unfortunately, Noel is holding out on us and waiting til his girlfriend gives birth before he really starts to get the ball rolling. Bummer, but like a good friend, Stuff and Such has your back. Here’s a rough copy of “Everybody’s on the Run”, from an Oasis soundcheck last year. Even a semi-shitty bootleg shows how awesome this song will be. Check it out:

———— – Everybody’s on the Run (live) – Noel Gallagher

Fade Away

Importance of Being Idle

Funny Noel Interview – 1998

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