Come Around Sundown – Kings of Leon

Almost every band has a point of no return. You know, the point where they stop making good albums and slowly but surely start shitting out mediocre records. It’s a sad point, but almost inevitable for some. Some bands fight back by going away for a bit and using the time to make a better album. Others don’t take a hint and keep going. You could already tell after Only By Night that Kings of Leon was starting to get into this trend. After an album of mediocre singles, and awful filler, it was obvious that if their newest album wasn’t fantastic, it would be official that the band was fucked. Well, I can finally officially say it: Kings of Leon blow now. Nail in the coffin.

Believe it or not, I wasn’t rooting for the Kings of Leon to fail on this one. I heard during New Years Eve this year that the band was relocating to Hawaii and that the producers were trying to recreate their old sound. As a fan of their older albums like Youth and Young Manhood, I figured that the new album would be at least decent. It couldn’t be worse than Only By Night. Blah, blah, blah. Long story short, the first track, “The End,” gave me some hope. It sounds like a cross between “Knocked Up” and “Crawl” at times. Afterwards, the record already starts going downhill with the new single “Radioactive.”

Whenever I feel like there may be hope for some of these tracks when I hear the verses, it’s the choruses that kill the dream for me. Most, if not all of them, sound like they’re made for drunken country sing alongs. We’re not talking Johnny-Cash-drunken sing alongs, more like drunk-frat-boys-at-a-Kenny-Chesney-concert sing alongs. It’s annoying as fuck cause like I said, I really wanted to like this record, but they make it damn near impossible to make it past five songs on the record.

When this record is released, it’ll probably sell a million copies, but it’ll gain the same backlash. The band will respond to this with their normal “We’ve worked really hard to be here, fuck you haters” speech that Caleb says during EVERY concert. To that, I say this: Fuck you Kings of Leon. You had a chance to make something really cool and be a great band, but you blew it and let everything everyone told you go to your head. Instead of making a decent album and playing music for the sake of music, you sold out and got yourself a shitty clothing line and repeated play on 107.5 the River. And then you try to blame the fans for not associating or going with the flow? Anyone with a brain will tell you that “Sex on Fire” sounds like gonherra and date rape rolled into one and that you know you’re in trouble when Because of Times was the last listenable album you guys made.

At this point, all we can hope is that the band goes on a hiatus after the Followill brothers get divided on royalties again and the band eventually dissolves during this break. It’s sad to see a once good band go this route, but the best thing we can do now is send them the way of Old Yeller.

Let’s remember the good times at least:

2 Responses to “Come Around Sundown – Kings of Leon”
  1. Ryan says:

    You got something against Kenny Chesney?

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