Slow Waves – Heartbeater

I heard about Heartbeater a bit ago when they were doing that Kickstarter or whatever thing. Never really paid too much attention to them until someone dropped their E.P. on my lap a few months ago. I fell in love with it. I dare you to listen to “She’s a Pistol” and not find the melody addicting. Anyways, they just released their debut album last week so I figured since it was free, I should give it a proper listen.

The album is full of cool riffs and catchy melodies. “Dark Horse Rising” gives a surf rock riff with a pretty, yet almost melancholy melody. These kind of melodies are pretty much the band’s signature as they are found on tracks like “She’s a Pistol” and “Lead You Astray” on the EP.  Sonic Youth’s influence on the band can be seen on the title track as the melody could be “Teenage Riot’s” distant cousin.

The biggest changes in rhythm come during the last few songs of the album. “Heartbeater” comes bursting through the gates with a punk/almost heavy rock riff and the words “She’s gonna beat your heart up”. Definitely an attention grabber to say the least. Even when the band has trouble finding the right words or the lyrics seem kind of “so-so”, the instrumentation almost always picks up around this point and easily makes you forget about it.

The reoccurring compliant I have been hearing a bunch lately is “the singer can’t sing”. I find this funny simply because it is coming from a generation that was raised listening to the Strokes and Interpol. Anyways, while the singer lacks “good” vocal chords, he definitely sings with conviction which is hard to find nowadays. I’ll take that over some dork who is trying to rip off Ian Curtis (I’m looking at you Paul Banks!).

There are only two tracks I have a hard time getting into. “M.I.A.” seems like a bit of a grower and “Vaporizer” just takes too long to build up and get going. On the off chance the band is reading this, dudes, replace these two tracks with “She’s a Pistol” and “Lead You Astray” and you’re golden. Just bump the other ones to b-sides played on tour. Problem solved.

For those of you who haven’t picked it up yet, it’s available online here ( Act fast and you could get the record for free though it is worth throwing the band a few bucks. It’s a solid debut that I think deserves more attention than it’s getting. Do yourself a favor and check em out.

Dark Horse Rising

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