Fang Island w/ Delicate Steve, Bad Cop, Sleeper Agent at the End: November 7th, 2010

Sunday nights usually blow since everyone knows that Sundays and Mondays are butt-buddies. It’s a shit combo. Luckily though, after getting a call from Adam of Bad Cop about his band and Fang Island playing at the End, I realized that this Sunday night wasn’t gonna suck as bad as I thought it would.

Sleeper Agent was the first band that went on. They’re from Bowling Green, KY, which apparently has been putting out a lot of good music lately (Cage the Elephant is also from there). I met the lead singer Alex Kandel aka Kidd before the show and she seemed pretty chill. Their music’s not half bad either. They’ve got some cool licks and when they want to, a good fucking attitude. Kandel has charisma and the chops to front the band, which is good cause the last thing we want is some hipster trying to mimic Neko Case. She’s more of a mixture between PJ Harvey and Liela Moss. My only compliant is at some points, it sounds like the guitarist/singer Tutone is trying to mimic Jack White’s vocals a little bit too much, but at least he delivered solid riffs throughout the band’s set. I wish I knew more about this band, but besides the limited info you can get on their myspace (they don’t have tunes up yet either), I’ve got nothing. Their debut album comes out Spring 2011 though, so hopefully more stuff will be about them soon.

Bad Cop was up next. I would be biased to say they might have been the best last night, but then again, you’d be biased too if the lead singer Adam handed you not one, but TWO joints at the beginning of their set and instructed you to “share.” Yeah, probably just a little biased. This was my first time seeing the band with the new line-up and I gotta say, it’s pretty fucking good. Without taking anything away from Alex or Kharl, the new line-up is heavy, energetic and fun to watch. Mikey Owen plays guitar like its pussy and Mike the drummer fucking kills those skins like no other. Adam was on top of the world as always, jumping off stage, kicking beers into the audience that went off like grenades and generally, doing what it seems like he was born to: fuck shit up. Despite the band’s debut being released only 2 months ago, there were only 2 songs from that album on the setlist merged amongst a mess of heavy Adam Anyone songs and new tunes like “Pact with the Devil”. It sounds like Adam has traded in the band’s Stooges-influenced sound for a heavier-than-grunge-but-not-metal sound. However, he’s smart enough to not let himself get sucked into either genre, so we get songs like “Sail Away” that’ll throw us off guard every once in awhile. It’s gonna be cool to see where they take it from here.

After Bad Cop was Delicate Steve. I’m not gonna lie, I caught maybe 5 minutes of their set total between the time they played and every time I’d leave to go steal beer or smoke a cigarette, I’d come back and it sounded like they were still playing the same song. It sounds like background music that has probably a minute or two that’s interesting before it makes you want to hit the bar. I mean, even while I’m writing this, I’m trying to listen to a few tracks on their myspace, and it’s making me want to sleep. Horribly boring stuff.

At this point, I had to duck out because I had school and a 45 minute drive back to the boro so I missed Fang Island. I got home and looked up a few of their live videos and realized I really didn’t miss anything. They look like dorks and they make music for dorks. The instrumentation gets old about 30 seconds into the song and then the vocals can make your ears bleed. Overrated gets overused nowadays, but these guys definitely fit to that term. Nice try Pitchfork, but I’m not buying into this shit.

Basically, I could have ducked out after Bad Cop cause the second half of the show was probably gonna put me to sleep. If you get a chance, check out Sleeper Agent or Bad Cop, 2 bands worth the $10 admission. Feel free to check out the other two bands, but just remember you’ve been warned.

Sleeper Agent

Bad Cop

Delicate Steve

Fang Island

11 Responses to “Fang Island w/ Delicate Steve, Bad Cop, Sleeper Agent at the End: November 7th, 2010”
  1. Seth Short says:

    Great job negatively reviewing the two bands that you DIDN’T even see. Fine journalism like this will get you a great career in biased bullshit writing 101 at Fox News one day if you are lucky.

    Also since when is it bad to “look like a dork” or “play music for dorks”? I guess if Fang Island had been drunk as hell and passing out drugs in the audience you would have maybe been inclined to stick around and could have somehow enjoyed their set.

    P.S. anyone/everyone who wasn’t drunk as hell or baked out of their mind hated every minute of Bad Cop

    • Jordan Canio says:

      Hey Seth,
      I saw a few minutes of Delicate Steve. If you read the review, I had to keep leaving because they fucking blew. Yeah, I left before Fang Island. What did you want me to do? Write a bullshit review about how I saw them and their show was amazing? I’m not gonna fake it so fuck that. Besides, from the clips of these dudes I’ve seen youtube, I didn’t miss shit.
      There’s nothing wrong with looking like a dork…………if you make good music. Do the math, genius. And no amount of drugs could make Fang Island listenable. If that’s your bag, that’s cool. What you eat don’t make me shit.

  2. the nashville dude says:

    “P.S. anyone/everyone who wasn’t drunk as hell or baked out of their mind hated every minute of Bad Cop”

    that band was goin places, but now a change in the lineup leaving only one original bandmember, which so happens to be the vocalist, cannot be a good sign. their album has great music. so i agree seth short even though i dont even go to the end. youd have to hand out nitrous balloons to a crowd to trick them into enjoying a bad show. weed wouldnt do it hah

  3. Otay says:

    Bad Cop was great live. I don’t think 2 joints the dude handed out got the 60 people in there stoned….I liked all the bands personally but fang island as well. to each their own i guess.

  4. jezz@gmail. com says:


  5. betterthan says:

    seth your a dumb fucking hi[pster enjoying it, bad cop was obv. the best, and the new lineup rules!!! sleeper agent sounded like a bad be your own pet, b list jemina singing. groooooseeee

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