Howling at the Earth – Little Viking

When I was at that Fang Island show last week, I got to talk to Mikey Owen, Bad Cop’s new guitarist. I met Mikey this summer when he was jamming with Adam for his solo project. Dude can shred. Anyways, he told me about his EP that he was releasing on cassette Black Friday this year. Needless to say, it’s a solid debut.

The E.P. starts with “Nicole and Carl Sagan”, a song that’s intro and verses have synths that remind me of Wavves, while Mikey’s heavy bass distortion reminds me of Ty Segall. What separates Little Viking from being a knock off of either band is the fast paced, cymbal-heavy drumming of drummer Joey Cantrell on the first two tracks, and the grunge/shoegaze influenced guitar work of Mike Frazier. The band meshes well enough together to make a pretty damn good song. Same goes for the next song, “MayDay”. The opening riff kinda hijacks the Japandroids riff from “The Boys Are Leaving Town.” Remember kids, there’s a difference between stealing and hijacking. Stealing is when you’re simply a lazy shit and you take something without making any adjustments. Hijacking is when you take it and put your own spin on it. Luckily, Little Vicking is really good at hijacking shit cause the song is fucking cool.

The only thing I don’t really dig on this EP is the last song “It Works Out”. There are bits of the guitar and the synth during the second half of the song that are pretty cool, but I can’t dig the first half of this song, especially the vocals on the verses. Mikey has the chops to sing but on those verses, it’s too high-pitched for me. But by the time he starts sing along with the synth, he’s not bad.

As an EP, Little Viking starts a pretty decent discography. Sure, the last song is kind of hit or miss, but shit, every good band puts out a single/EP with at least one dud track every once in awhile. That’s why there’s a thing called b-sides. But seriously, give Little Viking a listen. I’ll even be nice and put it the player from their website at the bottom so all you have to do is push play. They seem pretty legit. Even Neil Young agrees with me, seeing as how he was at their show last night. And if it has Neil Young’s stamp of approval, it’s usually good.

Buy the cassette HERE

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