Black Rabbit (7″ vinyl) – PUJOL

In the recent years, a huge group of great bands have started emerging from Nashville. What makes this even cooler is Jack White’s presence in Nashville. Since he created Third Man Records, he seems to have an awesome ear for talent and it’s cool to see him try and expose a bunch of bands to other’s that normally wouldn’t be heard by more than their friends and the friend of their friends. I’m not saying that none of these bands wouldn’t have made it out of here, but having Jack White’s stamp of approval definitely helps. PUJOL is a band on Third Man that further proves that Jack White has an ear for talent.

The brainchild of Daniel Pujol, the band sounds like a southern Ramones, except not every song sounds the same (Thank fuck). On side A, Pujol starts off with a steady punk riff and head-nodding drum beat. It becomes obvious as Pujol starts screaming “Black Rabbit” to this catchy groove that he’s here to shake butts, not knock em around. The guitar solo at the end is pretty cool too. The next track “Too Safe” is an anthem for anyone who feels playing it safe is the most common way to fail. The cool thing about Pujol’s music is that you can sing along with it and not feel like a complete dork. “Too Safe” is a good example of this, where the chorus line “It’s too safe now” is too catchy over the guitar to ignore.

Anyways, “Too Safe” is available on for free and this single is available on the Third Man Records site. This guy has been getting a lot of well deserved press so you can give him at least a listen. Check em out and see if you can catch their show at Springwater this Friday with Little Viking and Cannonmen. Shit’ll be fun.

Too Safe – Pujol

Download “Too Safe” from below


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