Tristen & PUJOL – The Basement – December 4th, 2010

For me, going to the Basement or any place that requires a 21+ ID is like playing Russian Roulette. I’m always hoping the guy at the door will look past the fact that my fake has expired or that I don’t normally have five o clock shadow and I won’t be embarrassed in line. It’s a shitty game, but if I want to see anything good in this town, a necessary one. Either the door guy bought it or he felt sorry for a stoned 20 year old kid and didn’t feel like making him wait outside in the cold. Either way, I was in.

Me and Adam got there around 9:30 and the place was already packed. I had no idea what to expect from Tristen. I only knew that she was a singer-songwriter from Nashville. I’ll admit that threw me for a second, cause let’s face it, all of us get that image when we hear the words “singer-songwriter”of someone writing tacky songs with a bottle of Jack by them as all of us watch said songwriter play shitty songs on open mic night. It isn’t an image we get by choice, it’s one we’re born with. Luckily, this wasn’t the case at all. Backed with a competent backing band, Tristen surprised me with pleasant melodies and one hell of a voice. I’ll admit her music isn’t normally my style, but for what she does, she seems to know what she’s doing and does a damn good job. Her new single “Eager for Your Love” definitely pulls you in and I can honestly say I like it a lot after a couple of listens. I wish more singer-songwriters were like her, cause in a pool of mediocrity and cringe-worthy material that makes you want to finish your beer and bounce asap, musicians like her are definitely part of the solution.

PUJOL was up next. Another town favorite, band creator Daniel Pujol took the stage last night with just his guitar, his voice, and a positive attitude, despite being tired “to the point where you start calling the teacher “mom,” but it’s not so bad cause it’s only once or twice.” It’s always cool to see a frontman know how to talk to the audience. It’s even better when the jokes they make are actually good.  He launched into a solo set that including “Black Rabbit” and “Keeper of Atlantis.” It’s rare that bands like PUJOL can pull off solo performances, but he kept everyone entertained. Maybe it’s the fact that PUJOL songs have more substance than most others, from the catchy southern rock guitar, or that he just comes up with really good line (“I stab my wallet through my hand until I can feel it” is a good one from one he didn’t play last night, “Too Safe”), but Daniel can definitely carry the show on his own.

Cheap Time was up next, but we had to bail before then cause working in the Murfreesboro forces me to have an earlier bed time and the $7 redbull and vodka weren’t doing much for me. Bummer though, cause their Myspace has seem decent tunes.

At the end of the day, words can only say so much less compared to music (and I know that half you bastards have already scrolled down the page to get the free mp3s), so I’ll leave you with just that: free (and for the first time, legal!) means of getting music from both bands. If you get a chance in the future, definitely check em out.

Free music from Tristen HERE

Free music from PUJOL HERE

And for you bastards too lazy to download

Matchstick Murder – Tristen 

Endless Mike (live) – PUJOL 

One Response to “Tristen & PUJOL – The Basement – December 4th, 2010”
  1. chris says:

    “one hell of a voice” – absolutely agree & and that was what struck me too. i hadn’t seen the group play live before & there were a few moments where i had to check myself to make sure what i was looking at matched what i was hearing. simply gorgeous & i walked out of there with her 7″ and a smile on my face.

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