Cherry Bomb EP – Wheels on Fire

I first heard about Wheels on Fire a couple of months ago. I was searching for an LA band called Wires on Fire, and I guess I was either just too tired or I’m still illiterate cause I somehow managed to make my way on their page for about 15 minutes. This was before I actually made this blog more of a blog. Anyways, I realized my mistake after a few minutes and returned to searching for Wires on Fire. I wish I stuck around, cause a bunch of their tunes are pretty damn good. Plus, they put out music on Kind Turkey Records, and the dudes over there are pretty cool too. So they’re already off to a good start and I haven’t even told you shit about the music yet.

Anyways, the EP is pretty damn good. Not my absolute favorite thing, but definitely something I can just turn on whenever I feel it. “Black Wave” has a certain charm to it with some cool garage rock melodies and catchy vocal melodies. “Broken Up” sounds like that Earth Angel song from Back to the Future at points with modern lyrics and cool guitar fills. It’s a head nodder and all around just a good track. “Cherry Bomb” sounds like a tribute to a lost summer hook up, but in the sweetest way possible and has a bunch of simple elements that, even if you don’t like the song (and it’s hard not to), makes it stay with you. The cool thing about these tracks is that the simple drum tracks let us hear more of the guitar, a smart move by the band considering how cool the twangy guitar sounds. “Go Give Yer Love Away” almost does away with drums save for the tambourine track, and closes the EP. It doesn’t end with a bang, but it’s definitely a cool track.

So if you get a chance, check out Wheels on Fire. Don’t be a dipshit like I was and skip over them cause you might find something you really like. Anyways, I know half of you guys are still going under the 3rd grade impression of “put up or shut up”, so here’s the band’s myspace and the cool video they did for “Land of Haunted Houses.” Check it.

Land of Haunted Houses 

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