Jubilee: The Lost Band

Back when I did the newspaper in high school (it was a class and the opportunity to review records instead of class work was all too appealing), I wrote a story for the paper about a band called Jubilee. Started in 2007, I first heard about the band because frontman Aaron North used to be the touring guitarist for NIN and also used to help run Buddyhead.com, a site that no doubt has helped influence Stuff and Such. He put together a band of other cool musicians such as Michael “Mikey Shoes” Shuman (bassist for Queens of the Stone Age, multi-instrumentalist for Mini Mansions) and from what I’ve heard, they made a lot of cool music. If you want the full bio on the band and its creation and all of that stuff that you would find in a TV special, check out this fansite.

Anyways, they started touring to promote their album, “Jubilee-Democracy,” back in 2008. They played a few gigs in Europe and put out 2 cool singles, “Rebel Hiss” and “In With the Out Crowd” (the latter featured Maynard James Keenan, one of the many cool guests that was supposed to appear on the album) on Buddyhead via Topspin. It seemed like the debut would be released by the end of the year. But something went wrong down the road. While the details of the problem are not clear, heres what we know. North was involved in a motorcycle accident at the end of 2008 and probably put on heavy drugs because his performance with the drummer Troy Petrey at the Buddyhead 2008 Christmas Party has been universally labeled as “atrocious.” Somewhere between that and the end of Summer 2009,  a bunch of bad stuff seemed to happen to the band. Shuman left the band to pursue Mini Mansions, and it seems that North had a falling out with longtime friend/collaborator Travis Keller and left Buddyhead. It seemed like Jubilee was heading towards disbandment.

However, North seemed to try to keep fans to hold on. He posted pictures of a new line up on the band’s myspace, started a new label, White/Grey/Black with Erik Andrews (of Coming Home Records) and promised that the album would be available as soon as possible. The last update anyone received about the project was back in July, when they said that the exclusive 7′ EP for members of their TopSpin page was on it’s way. Unfortunately, there have been no further updates.

So now it seems the project is in limbo, seeing as how there has been no further updates since July.  It’s a shame that the bullshit bureaucracy of the music industry has denied a potentially great album from being released. But cest la vie.

While our faith in the band may be tested, we’ll still keep an ear to the ground if we hear any signs of life within the next year.

I was digging through my iTunes the other day and found an audio bootleg of the band that was recorded back in 2008. It can be speculated that these songs would have ended up on the album, but the Shuman-sang songs are called into debate now that he’s not in the band. Since this may be the closest thing we have to an actual album now, consider this Merry Christmas.

Jubilee – Live at Bingley 2008


1. I Don’t Have An Excuse (I Just Need a Little Help)

2. Rebel Hiss

3. Smoke and Mirrors

4. Make You Crumble

5. In With the Out Crowd

6. Mannequin

7. Keep It Cool

8. Bayonet

9. The Greatest Story Never Told

10. Fuzz Are Down

If you just want a good preview and are too lazy to listen to 10 songs, check out Fuzz Are Down, In With the Out Crowd, and Mannequin. Those should give you a good idea of what to expect. Or maybe not at all. Sorry, it’s finals week and I’m kind of going off my head as it, but seriously, just check out this band.

Hopefully things will be brighter for Jubilee in 2011.

For those who are even lazier than that, someone by the user name of virushopper has been nice enough to upload the actual video feed the songs were ripped from. I used to have this video, but it got lost in the move to STL and again on the move back to Nashville. Life’s a bitch sometimes. Anyways, check em out.

Bingley Set:

15 Responses to “Jubilee: The Lost Band”
  1. virushopper says:

    Hi there, great article. I actually uploaded the Bingley concert on youtube. It is pro shot. Of course it does not deliver the band in a great way but it’s better than nothing.

    As for “bullshit bureaucracy of the music industry has denied a potentially great album from being released.”, I don’t think that’s the reason for the album delay. I believe we’ll never know but I heard that Future Music has couple of items from Aaron on sale. Now they could just be raising money for the band but it’s just a thought.

    • Jordan Canio says:

      Cool! Yeah, I used to have that video on my old computer (probably still there). Not the best way to deliver the band, but it’s pretty much the only option at this point if you want more than what’s on the singles.
      Yeah, Aaron listed a bunch of stuff back in 2009 for sale. He and others were trying to save Shabby Road after it got water damage.
      The bullshit bureaucracy comment is speculation at this point since we don’t have word from Aaron or anyone else. I don’t know what the real reason is but it’s better than some of the excuses such as “Aaron’s on drugs” or “the band is full of thieves.”
      I guess we won’t know until we hear word. Until then……….*twiddles thumbs and glances at the clock*

      • virushopper says:

        Well I think there’s more things we’re unaware of. I remember a year ago today they were suppose to play a couple of gigs, of course it got canceled. What was intriguing to me was when I called for a refund the person on the other line told me it wasn’t the promoter’s fault but the bands’ fault for the cancellation. I took it for a grain of salt.

        Also I believe Travis might still have the video to Jubilee’s performance in LA. I know it was filmed cause I was there. I wish I had the copy.

    • Timothy says:

      Where was the video that you posted on YouTube originally available? Is it still available? If not, would I otherwise maybe be able to get a copy of the original file from you? The audio available is somewhat low in quality, i.e. 128 kbps mono. I presume the original material is at least a bit higher in quality and would be very interested in it. Thank you.

  2. Jerek says:

    I have never really heard any of the rumors about the band. I had guessed about there being a rumor about drugs because of Aarons blog a while back but I never paid much attention to it all. I had never heard of a rumor about them being thieves! There is a little extra info on Wikipedia but that looks a bit unsubstantiated.

    I am curious as to why Aaron and Buddyhead parted company.

  3. William Knapp says:

    Fucking great band. Been waiting for shit to drop and feeling like a dorkus singing along to their two E.P releases for yonks. This bootleg is actually like Chinese Democracy to me (bad comparison yes). So cheers! Also you should definitely check out a little band called Wires On Fire. They were Mikey Shoes band before queens and Jubilee. It’s super good shit.

  4. Timothy says:

    A re-upload of video and / or audio? Pretty please. A while ago I pulled some crappy 128 kpbs capture off SoulSeek, but it is riddled with gliches.

  5. Art says:

    Bob Dylan rode a motorcycle too.

  6. virushopper says:

    FYI I have deleted all three files and just uploaded one file.

  7. Berti says:

    Still hoping for a comeback !

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