New Years Plans in Nashville

So yeah, Christmas isn’t even done with yet, but as always, I’m already looking for good means to get drunk and listen to good music on New Years Eve. Let’s face it, besides St. Paddy’s day, this is the only other excuse to be openly drunk in public. Better not let it go to waste. With that said, I know what I’m doing this year.

Turbo Fruits and PUJOL are playing the End. Also playing are CY, Natural Child and Voyager. I’m not gonna pretend I know more about those bands than I actually do, but from the stuff I’ve heard, it looks like a pretty decent night musically. Plus, any venue that allows you to smoke blunts in the middle of shows is okay with us! Did I mention that PUJOL and Turbo Fruits are putting out new 7′ singles that night as well? These dudes shit out singles like no other, but since there hasn’t been a bad one yet, we can’t complain. At least they’re not pulling some Omar Rodriguez-Lopez shit and putting out a new (shit) album every two weeks. So since both bands make for great drinking music and the End hasn’t called me out on having a shitty fake yet, we’re down for a good night.

Wanna ring in the New Year with some good karma? Stop in to the show and buy me a beer. That’ll score ya some points.

Oh, and check out these videos by both bands. They managed to make a cool saga out of them.

Where the Stars Don’t Shine – Turbo Fruits 

Butterfly Knife – PUJOL 

One Response to “New Years Plans in Nashville”
  1. crankypants says:

    love the videos, pretty clever.

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