The Blakes debut new song, New Album 2011

I first heard the Blakes when I went to Grimey’s back in ’07 and they happened to be doing an instore performance. I dug enough of what they played to pick up their debut. It had a couple of filler songs, but it was pretty good record with a lot of fucking attitude. I never got around to picking up the second one, but I remember the singles from it being legit.

Apparently these Seattle dudes are aiming to release a new album in 2011 and are showing off the new single “Pocket.” It sounds mellower compared to the other stuff I’ve heard from them before, but it’s still pretty atmospheric and cool. Check it out and the other stuff below from this band:

Two Times 

Don’t Bother Me

Pistol Grip (live)  

2 Responses to “The Blakes debut new song, New Album 2011”
  1. glorious_red says:

    check out their other band (Beads) in the meantime:

    Or this video on the more serious side of the blakes:

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  1. […] their last album Souvenir but remembered their debut was pretty fucking good. With that new song “Pocket”, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Blakes this […]

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