Most Anticipated of 2011

2010 wasn’t too bad. Sure, people said some pretty dumb stuff (like Yoko Ono saying John would have loved Lady Gaga) and Obama didn’t get smart and nuke the hipsters, but like always, there are still a few good people making the world a better place.

So with their help, hopefully 2011 will have less of that shitty womp-womp stuff and more rock n’ roll. Here’s a couple of bands I’m looking forward to seeing/hearing in 2011.

Cage the Elephant

Their new single “Shake Me Down” is a grower, but not too bad. Yeah, the new album title may be a bit hokay, but from what we’ve heard, the new album is supposed to be ALOT different from their debut, but in the best possible way. These guys have also been releasing a shit ton of free downloads, which is awesome.

Queens of the Stone Age

These dudes are the definition of rock ‘n roll nowadays. They write great rock riffs, have a lead singer/guitarist who threatens to beat the shit out of hecklers, and are always putting out great albums. For that reason, we’re stoked to hear that after 4 years, Queens of the Stone Age are recording a new album this January. Fuck yeah. Come to Nashville, Josh. It’s been 5 years!

Beady Eye

Liam is a loud mouth, and maybe that’s why I still like him. He says what’s on his mind, no matter how stupid or if it offends anyone. Noel does the same, but he writes better music. And while their debut single “Bring the Light” sounded pretty meh, “Four Letter Word” shows a little more promise. We’ll give Liam a fair chance. Plus he’s got Andy Bell on his side.

Noel Gallagher

Rumors say that Noel was recently in LA mastering tracks for his solo album and that he has plans to hit up a few festivals next year, which better include a solo set at Lollapalooza or Bonnaroo. Actually, fuck, just tour America more than the usual stops and we’ll road trip it. If it’s a rock band version of those solo shows he played back in 2006, we’ll be there. But anyways, Noel rules. Hopefully all this shit happens soon.

Turbo Fruits & PUJOL

These bands are about as southern as CCR, but smart enough to not join the KKK like Kings of Leon. Both bands have been shitting out awesome singles all year and touring their asses off. With both bands readying new albums and kicking off the new year with a show at the End, it looks like they’re starting the year off with a bang. Keep it up dudes.

PJ Harvey

If you don’t know about Polly Jean Harvey, you’re in luck for 2011. She’s coming back after that weird, but kinda cool album “White Chalk” with an album called “Let England Shake.” We’re big fans of Polly Jean and still think that “To Bring You My Love” is one of the best albums of the 90’s. Plus, she did a bunch of rad Desert Session stuff with Josh Homme and crew back in 2003, so she still hasn’t lost her haunting voice. Bad ass.


I’m getting real sick of them saying that the album is finished and then saying that it is still in the making. Make up a story and stick with it instead of constantly busting our balls with this album. We’ve been waiting for 4 years since In Rainbows so the timing is perfect this year dudes. Hopefully it’s as good as (or even better than) In Rainbows too.

Sleeper Agent

Another band from Bowling Green that I saw at the End in November. They had some decent tunes and even though their fans get absolutely butt hurt by a few comments, we’re still psyched for their debut album, “Celabrasion” which is due out next year. If you haven’t heard the band, check out the trailer for the album. That song at the end sounds like a lost Dead Weather track. And we’re not complaining.

Bad Cop

A new line up brings a different sound to this band. If you got a chance to hear “Wet Lips” or “Some People”, you know what I mean. Can’t wait to have mastered versions of that shit. With Adam starting Jeffery Drag Records, seems like 2010 was just the start for Bad Cop.

Jack White

Jack always releases a new record every year with a different band. Even though there hasn’t been any announcements about his new outlet after the Dead Weather, we can’t say we’d be surprised if one happened over night. It’s Jack White, dudes. I’d be shocked if he slept. It’ll either be a new band or he’ll be finally doing a new White Stripes album. Fingers crossed.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave has slowly become my new favorite artist this year.  The dude writes great lyrics that seem like they can fill pages worth of books and puts on one hell of a live show. In a recent interview, Cave confirmed that after the Grinderman tour, he was going straight to the studio to work on a new Bad Seeds record. Shit, seeing as how half of Grinderman is the Bad Seeds, he could even write it on the road. Either way, I can’t wait for Nick Cave’s follow up to “Dig! Lazerus! Dig!”

The Blakes

I skipped their last album Souvenir but remembered their debut was pretty fucking good. With that new song “Pocket”, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Blakes this year.

2 Responses to “Most Anticipated of 2011”
  1. yes says:

    blakes and sleeper agent? You had such a good list then had to put in radio-APmag-flop-rock? Damn. 8/10 is alright though.

  2. Jordan Canio says:

    I haven’t heard the Blakes second album so I can’t say for sure about flop rock, but Sleeper Agent is pretty fucking good. And AP mag? Nah, those dudes are still busy blowing My Chemical Romance for their new album.
    And fuck yeah, I got a B. Thanks, teach

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