New Years Eve at the End

Happy 2011 peeps. Hope everyone had a safe, but (more importantly) fun time. If you were in Nashville, the place to be was the End.

It’s been called a shady venue before by many people, but I can honestly say I dig the place. $2 PBR’s isn’t too bad, and I can’t say I’ve had a bad time there. That and the line up for the show, with Turbo Fruits and PUJOL headlining, pretty much guaranteed a good time.

We got there around 9 and it there was hardly there. I could get a beer pretty quickly. By 9:30, a bunch of people started showing up and by 10, it took me 10 minutes to get a PBR.

Excuse the shitty photos. Im too poor to afford a camera and my cellphone is on its last legs.

The first band on was called Voyager. I dug most of their set. There were points where some of the synths sounded a bit too video gameish. For the most part though, the synths sounded like the Doors during the Waiting For the Sun/Soft Parade era. Could hardly hear the guitar cause the mix was shitty, but the bass was pretty clear and cool.

Cy Barkley quickly changed the pace with their punk sound. Pretty good shit as well. The guitar riffs sounded like a mix of punk and old hardcore with Cy sh0uting into mic and Cam pounding the shit out of the drums. They closed with “Blackout”, which the audience dug. It was a good set.

Next up was Natural Child. I only heard a few songs of theirs before and I thought they weren’t bad. Since it was getting close to midnight during their set, I was trying to watch them while making a trip to the bathroom and a beer run. Both trips took a good bit of their set since the venue was REALLY packed at this point. I did catch most of their set during the countdown though. As soon as they finished, they launched into a pretty good cover of “Baba O Reily.” Not a bad way to kick off the new year.

What came next was a cool surprise. Turbo Fruits and PUJOL split up their sets, playing 3 songs a piece and then switching off. This made the night even more entertaining. Turbo Fruits mixed up their set with crowd favorites like “Volcano” and “Trouble” and their cool new stuff like “Colt 45” and “Where the Stars Don’t Shine.” PUJOL took the stage and delivered hits like “Black Rabbit”, “Mayday”, and “Butterfly Knife.” If my memory serves me right (and since I was pretty drunk still, probably not), they closed with the catchy number “Too Safe,” while Turbo Fruits closed the night off perfectly with “Broadzilla,” my favorite track of of Echo Kid. I don’t fucking dance at all (it ain’t what I do), but you can bet your ass I was during the last two sets.

At the end of the night, the venue was 30% over capacity and the PBR’s were sold out. In other words, the bands delivered and sent everyone into 2011 on an awesome note. Anyone who didn’t feel optimistic about the new year after that is a lost cause. Shit, I woke up $60 short, with a hangover from hell and a ringing in my ears. But if it was a 2 night deal, I would have still gone last night. Thanks for a badass New Years dudes. 2011 is already looking good.

Where the Stars Don’t Shine – Turbo Fruits

Butterfly Knife- PUJOL

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