PUJOL isn’t slowing down as we start 2011. They kicked off the New Year playing an awesome set at the End, and are getting ready to release their new album “X-File on Main Street.” Before they do that, Daniel and co. just put out a new 7″, “BONEDADDY/GETNHARD” on Jeffery Drag Records. While the b-side is pretty meh, the a-side is pretty fucking good.

From the press release:

PUJOL single promotes community in Nashville

“BONEDADDY/GETNHARD” follows nationally recognized “Black Rabbit” track

NASHVILLE, Tenn. –The role of art in the community and community in the local arts scene forms the backdrop to new single “BONEDADDY/GETNHARD” from PUJOL, released mid-February 2011 by Jeffrey Drag Records. It is a single from his 2011 Infinity Cat Recordings album X File on Main St.”“I am interested in being a Nashville-based artist,” PUJOL said. “I wanted to experiment with the idea of ‘politicize consumption’ as a local artist, by using consumption as a medium in itself and make something that implied the consumer’s association and interaction with his/her local community upon purchase, like the Farmer’s Market, but on vinyl.

Profits from “BONEDADDY/GETNHARD,” a fine example of the punk minimalism/Southern Gothic ethos of PUJOL, will go to help with the medical expenses of Candice Ferguson, who runs Battletapes Recording with husband Jeremy Ferguson. Candice Ferguson has been treated for cancer.

“Battletapes has and continues to play a vital role in both the Nashville music scene in general and my potential career as a self-sustaining artist,” Pujol said. “I want to repay their generosity and the positive impacts they have had on my career and the Nashville music scene by helping them pay off the crazy-high amount of hospital bills they have incurred.”

PUJOL achieved national recognition last year with the single “Black Rabbit,” issued by Jack White’s Third Man Records in Nashville. Spin magazine called the single “an energetic blast of punky garage rock that climaxes with a Southern fried guitar solo and plenty of overdriven bass” and Prefix Mag said it recalls Paul Westerberg on those early, bratty Replacements records.”

“BONEDADDY/GETNHARD” may be purchased locally in TBA stores and at PUJOL shows. For more information on PUJOL, see

PUJOL will perform in Nashville Feb. 2 at The End, 2219 Ellison Place.

Cool shit, right? I have to give props to Pujol and Jeffery Drag Records for doing the benefit. It’s cool to not only see an artist, but also a label getting behind a great cause. Plus, Battle Tapes Recording has put out some of the ballsiest records that have come out of Nashville in the past decade. How could you not want to help out those dudes? Anyways, lets get back to the music.

Daniel continues his streak of releasing good singles into 2011 as he puts out this one. “Bonedaddy” has a good beat and cool piano licks underneath the bass’s fuzzed tone. It’s a lot calmer than his last single “Black Rabbit,” but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t leave its mark as well. Daniel’s pretty good at coming up with catchy lyrics & hooks. I shit you not when I say that everyone who hears him sing “Skeleton” will probably be singing along with him by the second chorus. Seriously, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t so far.

“GETNHARD” isn’t bad, but it isn’t the best b-side either. Some of his lines on this track could be Kenny Powers quotes (“I make art just like I cum: hard” is definitely one of those), but joking aside, the lyrics are pretty solid. My main problem with this song is that it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere musically. It feels like it’s ready to spring the spring, but never quite does.

So yeah, great music for a great cause. Don’t sleep on it, peeps.

2/1/11 – The Bottletree Cafe – Birmingham, AL**
2/2/11 – The End – Nashville, TN**
2/3/11 – King Barcade – Raleigh, NC**
2/4/11 – Comet Pizza – Washington D.C.**
2/5/11 – 285 Kent – Brooklyn, NY**
2/6/11 – Machines with Magnets – Providence, RI**
2/8/11 – Beachland Ballroom – Cleveland, OH**

**w/ Monotonix

Get the vinyl HERE

Too Safe 

Butterfly Knife 

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