Death From Above 1979 Reunite for Coachella!!!

It’s been almost five years since the duo announced that the band had broken up. They said it was because of “creative differences” and that whole story, but they were good enough dudes to honor the tour dates they had already scheduled. It was a bummer, since they were a really cool bass and drum band. But the good news is that the band is reuniting for a show at Coachella!

Alright, I’ll admit, the band is not the greatest live. I saw them back in 2005 with Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age on Halloween at the Gaylord/Sommet/Bridgestone/whatever the fuck Arena. In an arena, it was pretty shitty. I heard that they’re show at Grimey’s before was better, but they aren’t the greatest. However, where the live act fails, the studio version picks up the slack and then some! Pick up either their first EP or the album “You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine.” Those albums are full of head-nodding good tunes about cocaine and strange woman. You really can’t go wrong at that point. Could we be seeing a new Death From Above 1979 album in the future if more shows are announced? Hopefully. It would beat the shit out of getting another MSTRKRFT album. Only time will tell, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed. C’mon dudes. Get back to what you were good at doing. Please?

Romantic Rights 

Black History Month 

Do It! 

You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine 

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