Little Viking w/ Clorange and Planet Ink at Springwater

Our buddies in Little Viking are playing one of their last shows in Nashville for quite a bit this Friday at Springwater. For those who don’t know, Little Viking is basically Bad Cop’s rhythm section that’s a lot more spacey and littered with hints of shoegaze. It’s kind of like how Diarrhea Planet and Big Surr work, except Bad Cop and Little Viking don’t suck and start pointless “Twitter Wars”. Anyways, live, they’re pretty awesome too. I’ve seen them at Springwater before during their cassette release show. Even some of the songs of theirs that I’m not big on translate better live, because they extend into cool (but not excessive) jams. It’s sure to be a fun time, complete with catchy, drunk sing alongs, and Mikey and co. melting faces. Fun people, fun music, fun show.

Plus, for all of you other poor bastards like me that aren’t 21, Springwater hardly ever gives a shit about ID’s. It’s a dive bar. It’s either this or wait and catch them at that shit venue Rocket-town. I haven’t been to that place since I was 15 and I don’t plan on going back unless it’s to piss on the ashes. They’re playing along with some dorky doom metal band called Clorange and some talented youngin’s in a band called Planet Ink. It’s five bucks for high…eh…fun times.

So suppress the urge to become stay at home alcoholics that night and come drink with us this Friday. With that Jeff the Brotherhood show canceled, it’s not like you’ve got anything better to do.

Curious about their sound? Check out their Band Camp thing below. “Mayday” is on replay right now.

7 Responses to “Little Viking w/ Clorange and Planet Ink at Springwater”
  1. fuck you says:

    im pretty sure bad cop is one of the worst band ive ever seen in my life. so dont be a dick!

  2. awesome says:

    little viking is awesome

    on a side note, it’s pretty hilarious how the internet is the only way a lot of “grown men” (pussies) can express their opinion, write some good songs and you won’t need to be cry online for attention, your album will do the talking…sort of like bad cop…or any band who’s album is bigger than their mouth.

  3. FUCKYOUMANN says:

    fuck you! our parents pay good money for belmont! do you have annnny idea how much it cost to keep emmet and casey fed on the road!!?! jerk!

  4. BASED GOD says:

    Bad Cop sucks because my feelings got hurt! Music critics should criticize less!

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