Grinderman Announce “Palaces of Montezuma” As New Single

Grinderman finally got smart (or smarter) and is putting out “Palaces of Montezuma”, the best song off their new album, as a single. Nick Cave’s sleazy garage rock outlet is releasing the single on March 14, digitally and on wax . If you haven’t heard of the band, the best way I can describe their music is sleazy garage rock with Cave going off better than a preacher on cocaine. If you’ve heard of Nick Cave, you should know the dude’s lyrics are imagery city.

“Palaces of Montezuma” is actually quite different from Grinderman’s traditional sound. It sounds softer, but still packs a punch. It sounds like “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Stones at some points, but with darker lyrics. You can hear the track below and make up your mind for yourself. The tracklising on the different versions is listed below as well.

Digital Download
Palaces of Montezuma (Cenzo mix)
Palaces of Montezuma (Barry Adamson remix)
Palaces of Montezuma (Album version)
When My Baby Comes (Cats Eyes with Luke Tristram remix)

12″ Vinyl
A1 – Palaces of Montezuma (Cenzo mix)
A2 – Palaces of Montezuma (Barry Adamson remix)
B1 – Palaces of Montezuma (Album version)
B2 – When My Baby Comes (Cats Eyes with Luke Tristram remix)

These dudes just got off the road but they’ve been putting on one of the best shows I’ve seen in a good while. After they wrap up the remaining tour dates, apparently Nick is heading back into the studio to start a new Bad Seeds album. Seeing as how Grinderman is half of the Bad Seeds, it wouldn’t surprise me if they wrote most of it on the road or during the break and we saw a new CD before the end of 2011. Hopefully. I’ll take that or another Grinderman album.

Tour dates (taken from their site, so sorry if it looks kind of weird)

26 May 2011 Primavera Sound Barcelona, Spain
18 Jun 2011 Vicar Street Dublin, Ireland
20 Jun 2011 Live At The Marquee Cork, Ireland
22 Jun 2011 InMusic Festival Zagreb, Croatia
1 Jul 2011 SPB BKZ Oktyabrsky St Petersburg, Russia
2 Jul 2011 Crocus City Hall Moscow, Russia
10 Jul 2011 Exit Festival Serbia
24 Jul 2011 Alexandra Palace ATP curated ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’ – London

Check out some of their other stuff below

No Pussy Blues (live) 

Get It On 

Heathen Child 

Love Bomb 

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