Mini Mansions on Last Call with Carson Daly

Carson Daly fell hard. Not as hard as Tom Green, but it’s still pretty bad. However, he’s earned himself a little credibility (despite losing a shit ton of it hosting TRL on MTV all of those years) by putting broadcasting some of Mini Mansions set from the Echo last night. They played “Monk” and “Girls” off their debut LP (which was one of the best albums of 2010).

They’ve got elements of Elliott Smith and the Beatles, but they’re not carbon copies. Josh Homme in the video sums up the description better than I could have. They’re not trying to be mimic they’re favorite bands, they’re trying to be their own band.

Anyways, check out the clips I posted below of it. On the off chance that they’re reading this, come to Nashville dudes. And on the possibility that Carson Daly is reading this (like he has anything better to do), want to help your reputation? Put more bands like this on. It may take a couple of years (you’ve done some pretty jive shit dude, like almost marrying that sperm dumpster Tara Reid), but it’s worth a try.

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