Different Gear, Still Speeding – Beady Eye

Here’s the deal. For anyone who can’t tell, Oasis is pretty much my favorite band. You wanna give me shit for it, go for it (I can probably do circles around you and your shit music while we’re at it). I think Noel Gallagher is a talented songwriter and great singer, and his hooligan brother Liam has an awesome voice (or had; nowadays, live he sounds a bit like Kermit the Frog) and occasionally writes decent songs. I can throw on an Oasis album actually feel better about life. Once again, don’t care if you don’t get that. Cause I do.

So when I heard that Liam was forming a new band with everyone from Oasis minus Noel, I was really skeptical. Hopeful, but skeptical. Then they started releasing tracks, and I was still VERY mixed. “Bring the Light” has it’s moments, but ultimately falls short. “Four Letter Word” at the beginning sounds like a rejected James Bond theme, but the lyrics and rest of the song help make up for it’s shortcomings. Then they released “The Roller” and I was hopeful again. That song was meant for driving away from shit days and is probably the best track on the album. When that and “Beatles and Stones” were leaked (despite the latter’s pretentious title, but fuck it), I had hope for the album again.

When it leaked, I’ll say this; it’s not Definitely, Maybe as Liam said it would be (or better, but that dude’s diarrhea of the mouth is usually hilarious). It’s got a couple more decent tunes though. The first half of the album is definitely the best part. “Millionaire” has cool acoustic riffs with a cool underlying sitar gives the song a floaty feeling.  “Wind Up Dream” builds the tension with paced guitar and lyrics about daydreaming and is definitely another keeper. It sounds like it could be a leftover from the Oasis album Standing On the Shoulders of Giants, but it’s not bad. The other track that sounds like that (and that even almost rips off that album’s name) is “Standing on the Edge of the Noise” is not as lucky. During the second half, the album almost gets too calm and dull for what Liam was describing in the press as “proper rock ‘n roll.” In fact, they cut off the second half of the album (MAYBE kept “The Morning Son”) the band would have put out a pretty decent EP.

My conclusion about this album is that while Liam shows that he has the chops to write a couple of good songs, he’s not ready for a full album yet. He did well on the Oasis album Don’t Believe the Truth in terms of song writing (aside from “Love Like A Bomb”), but he needs help on Beady Eye. He has the attitude and apparently he has the voice nowadays, but Noel has the songs that would make the other half of the album awesome. And for those saying I shouldn’t compare Oasis to Beady Eye, fuck off. It’s inevitable to compare the two and you know you are when the brothers are feuding worse than ever.

Let’s hope this gets Noel off his ass and into the studio. I want to see what his response to this whole thing is gonna be. Knowing him and the rumors heard, we’re gonna be in the middle of a war that no one in America except me is gonna want to watch.

Four Letter Word

Bring the Light

The Roller

2 Responses to “Different Gear, Still Speeding – Beady Eye”
  1. LG says:

    i can’t believe you don’t like “Keep The Dream Alive”. One of the best songs on that album. And btw Liam didn’t write that one, it was Andy.
    imo the second half of the album is actually better than the first.
    the first half has crap songs like Bring the Light and Beatles&Stones which are both terrible.
    Wigwam is cool, Millionaire, 3 Ring Circus, Wind Up Dream, and of course The Beat Goes On.
    I don’t mind Standing on the edge as i think it’s actually a cool rocker.

    • Jordan Canio says:

      Yeah, I fucked up on that one. I meant Love Like A Bomb, but that’s an easy edit.
      The second half just gets dull to me. It slows down too much. Especially with songs like “For Anyone.”

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