Wavves Care Package

In the past couple of weeks, our favorite stoner musician, Nathan Williams, has released a shit ton of new material all for free. And a lot of it’s good stuff (still not digging “Staind Glass”, but the rest is pretty awesome). Anyways, since there’s a real lack of news and I don’t have a shit ton of time to post a review, I figured I’d help out the kids who are too lazy to go out and download each one of these tracks individually. Instead, I’ve thrown them all together in a nice convenient package so you guys will be on easy street. On the off chance that Williams is reading this and gets pissed: PLEASE DON’T SUE. Seriously dude, I need money for weed too.

This care package includes:

1) Friends Were Gone

2) Staind Glass (Won’t You Let Me Into Your Heart)

3) Horse Shoes

4) Baseball Cards (Demo)

5) Cool Jumper

6) Mutant

7) TV Luv Song

Download it HERE

King of the Beach

No Hope Kids


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