The Strokes Premiere “Under Cover of Darkness” Video

I dug the Strokes’ first two records and a few songs off of the last album, though that one was a big letdown.  But more or less, I’m willing to give the new album Angles a chance. And after a couple of listens, the single is not too bad.

Under Cover of Darkness

That being said, this video blows. It looks like a knock off of a My Chemical Romance video. We get it dudes. You’re rich and live in gothic mansions. You were pulling this art school shit when you first came out in 2001. Once again, the song is decent, but the video makes it like a fat emo girl who happens to like Oasis and Nirvana. There are just times when appearances have to be held accountable.

What do you guys think?

They’re better live too:

New York City Cops

Take It or Leave It

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