Foo Fighters Make A Movie

Okay, if you’ve read this blog enough, you know I’m not a huge fan of the Foo Fighters. I dig a couple of their songs, but Grohl is MUCH better behind a drum kit than behind a microphone. Dude’s got a lot of talent, but the Foo Fighters is a mediocre medium for him to utilize it. However, I will probably download their new record since it’s the closest thing to a Nirvana reunion I’ll see.

Also, the new movie they have coming out looks pretty cool too. It’s called Foo Fighters: Back and Forth and it’s premiering at SXSW this weekend. Sure, it’s probably gonna be loaded with a few cringe worthy moments when they talk about the music and a constant Foo Fighters soundtrack might put me to sleep, but luckily, Dave’s a funny guy. I’m digging the line he says at the end about the name of the band. That shit’s golden. Since Dave’s shenanigans always keep me entertained, I’ll be willing to give this thing a shot.

Hopefully when the Foos wrap up this tour, Dave will come to his senses, hop behind a drum kit and do another Them Crooked Vultures album right after. I guess we’ll see.

Check out my other favorite Dave Grohl film, FRESH POTS!

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