Mark Lanegan Releases Free Shit!

Rumor has it that the ex-Screaming Trees frontman and Queens of the Stone Age contributer has new material coming out soon. Thank God. It’s been about 7 years since his last solo album, Bubblegum (which was all sorts of awesome). Hopefully he takes a break from doing so-so albums with Isobel Campbell and releases a solo album soon.

Until then, he’s tiding us over by releasing a new song called “Burning Jacob’s Ladder.” I like it. It’s got the impending doom hanging over it like most of Lanegan’s work, but the dude’s a poet and keeps you sucked in with his whiskey and cigarette drenched vocals. He’s nearing 5o, but he’s still got his snarl and it looks like this dog still has some fight left in him. That said, I can’t wait for his next solo album to eventually drop.

Get the track from RAGE’s site right HERE

If you haven’t already, check out Lanegan when you get the chance. He’s awesome.

Hit the City – Mark Lanegan 

God is in the Radio – Queens of the Stone Age 

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