EP 1 – Bummer

The internet’s a funny thing nowadays. On the plus side, anyone who can’t get signed to a label can put their music out by themselves. The negative? ANYONE can put their music out. Even if it’s complete dribble. Case and point, this band called Bummer. If the fugly cover doesn’t turn you off immediately, the music will finish the job.

Apparently this band is another side project of Diarrhea Planet. Running on just listens and no real band information, it sounds like Jordan, Mike and Brent were all smart enough not to get involved in this one. Whoever’s left still can’t write a song that’s more than a minute and thirty. In retrospect, that might be a good thing, since if this thing was more than 5 minutes long total, my ears might have actually started bleeding.

The lyrics are annoying. They sound like the kid just started writing, but by the sound of it, he already thinks he’s Henry Rollins. Repeating the same line over and over again is only cool if the line’s good and if you don’t do it EVERY SONG. Seriously, with all the money their parent’s pay to Belmont, you think these kids would have learned something. Guess that was a bad investment.

I could go on, but I think you guys get the idea. Avoid this thing like the plague. However, if you really do want to torture yourselves for under 5 minutes (I’ll give you credit if you can make it past the first two songs), check out the album below. It’s for free if you want to download it, but no one who has even a decent idea of what music is would want to.

Don’t believe me or think I’m being a prick (well, more than usual)? You be the judge and jury then. I guarantee you’ll want to be the executioner soon after.

9 Responses to “EP 1 – Bummer”
  1. Casey Brown says:

    Yo. I’m gonna play executioner.

    What’s up PitchforkFag?
    I’m kind of glad I don’t know you, because I don’t want to know what prison feels like.

    If you change your picture to something other than you being a trendy indiefuck smoking an unlit cigarette, I will gladly take you seriously.

    Also what tickles me is that the person that wrote every part of every song, and played those parts by themselves, has more talent in this CD than you will every have.

    Have fun listening to the new animal collective CD, fanfag!



  2. Jordan Canio says:

    Hey buddy,
    Last time I checked, talent doesn’t come from being able to play every instrument on a record, but being able to create something GOOD with that. But shit, then again, I’m not creative enough to come up with band names like Diarrhea Planet and Bummer or insults like fanfag. Funny part is, you think you’re being clever. I guess that’s what art school does.
    I’d say stay in school, but since that probably got you into this mess to begin with, I’d say just go ahead and apply for a job at Mickey D’s. Look on the bright side, free cheeseburgers! Now maybe your band can afford to tour more instead of buying you three happy meals per meal.



  3. ill suck nashvilles dick if it had one.

    fuck you jordan,while you’re stuck in prison, im about to tweet fleet foxes dumb shit #desperate #ijustdontgetit #imfat

  4. coolbrah says:

    hey cool brah. Cool review. Thanks for telling me so much about the EP by name-dropping Henry Rollins and literally telling everyone nothing. Really good analysis brah. Thanks for giving me a hate review written at a 3rd grade level. By the way the word is “drivel” not dribble. Dribble is what comes out of a St. Bernard’s mouth. Cool attempt at the English language though brah. Can’t wait for another review so I can see how many other cool names you can pull out of the dusty record collection that guy who was cooler than you in high school helped you start. Where are you pitching your tent at the ‘roo?

    thanks for the review brah,

  5. coolbrah says:

    also “Case in point”

  6. Sarah says:

    I’m a little late with a reply on this one, but well done Jordan, seriously. I fuckin’ hate these guys and their attempts at insulting you was absolutely hilarious. I mean shit, they practically made the whole review with their comments! Keep up the great work, BRAH.

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