Nite Nite Got Their Stuff Jacked, Benefit Show Organized

Getting robbed really sucks. I’ve been pick pocketed only once, but I was definitely over the limit and probably had enough bad karma on my soul to justify it (but seriously, whoever took my cash in Saint Louis, two words: fuck you). Nashville band Nite Nite is a different story though. Some dork decided it would be a great idea to steal the band’s gear. I could let go someone taking a small amount of cash from me, but if someone stole my gear, I’d be unbelievably pissed and depressed.

Nite Nite

Nashville has a reputation for being cutthroat music-wise. However, it’s nice to see exceptions to this generalization. Tomorrow night, there will be a benefit show at the Mercy Lounge in which all of the profits go to the band to help cover the cost of the gear. While some of the bands on the line up are pretty wack, I’ll bite my tongue this time (a rare occasion) because they get props for helping out. Plus if the venue doesn’t run out of $2 PBR’s (another rare occasion), you can find some way to keep yourself entertained through the shit bands.

A minimum donation of $5 is required for entry, but if you’ve ever been to the Mercy Lounge, that’s actually REALLY cheap. The band has also mentioned starting a deal, so that’ll be another thing to watch out for.

I unfortunately won’t be able to make it since my teachers are dead set on making me have a tumor before finals. But if you have the chance, go see the show. If you can’t make it, do what I’m gonna do and throw a few bucks towards that Kickstarter thing when it gets up and running. It’s a good cause for a good band. Help keep the dream alive.

Nite Nite’s Myspace

Black Noise

2 Responses to “Nite Nite Got Their Stuff Jacked, Benefit Show Organized”
  1. ugh` says:

    why do you hate diarrhea planet so much?!? ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Jordan Canio says:

      Geez, I can’t even bite my tongue without someone assuming I’m talking smack about them. I don’t hate them personally. Some of the people in the band are pretty cool. The music is a different story. It’s nothing special, but they’re getting a bit big for their boots.

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