Submarine EP – Alex Turner

To start, I never gave the Arctic Monkeys much of a fair chance. I heard “Fluorescent Adolescent” and while I thought the video was funny as hell, the song just didn’t do it for me at the time and I dismissed. I recently started giving them a chance when I heard the new single “Brick By Brick.” It’s got the swagger that I felt a lot of earlier Arctic Monkeys songs had. I also gave “Humbug” more of a chance and realized it wasn’t too bad either. I want to give Josh Homme credit for helping turn these guys around, considering the fact that he produced “Humbug” and the new song sounds like Queens of the Stone Age a bit. Is there anything that man can’t do?

Anyways, Alex Turner went solo somewhere in between finishing touring for “Humbug” and starting the new sessions with this EP for the movie Submarine. If you were expecting an Arctic Monkeys-like sound, you lose already. There are hardly any distorted guitars or pounding drum beats on this puppy. If the Arctic Monkeys are for head nodders, this soundtrack is for those who like to sway along with their music. You float away and get lost in the stream. It still packs a punch, just in a different frequency.

I know most of you are just going to skip ahead to see where I say whether it’s good or not or just watch the videos below, so I’ll keep this briefer than normal (that and the EP is only 6 songs). Yes, it’s good. Yes, you should give it a chance. Out of all the artists who went solo from their bands in the past decade (Julian Casablancas’ and Omar Rodriguez Lopez’s lousy solo albums comes to mind), this is probably one of my favorites if not my favorite. It makes me actually stoked for the new Arctic Monkeys album and only a few months ago, that would have taken a bit of work.

Check out my favorite songs from the EP below, along with the new Arctic Monkeys’ single.

Stuck on the Puzzle – Alex Turner 

Piledriver Waltz – Alex Turner 

Brick By Brick – Arctic Monkeys 

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