PUJOL on Daytrotter!

Daytrotter must have had a fire lit under their ass recently, cause they’re finally releasing all the rad sessions I’ve been hearing about. Next on the list, other local favorites PUJOL put out their session. If you don’t know about PUJOL, check out the interview we did with frontman Daniel Pujol back in February. The guy definitely knows his shit.

The sessions aren’t anything too new, but if you haven’t seen PUJOL live or heard any of the records (which you’re blowing it if you haven’t), these 5 songs will give you a great head start. The band’s punk rock edge goes great with Daniel’s clever wordplay. Seriously, the dude has some of the smartest, yet simple lyrics to come out Nashville. They get stuck in your head and make it really hard not nod your head/sing along to when they come on.

They’re currently touring with other local favorites Turbo Fruits. Hopefully Infinity Cat will quit sucking off Jeff the Brotherhood and get their shit together and release “X-File on Main Street” already.

Check out the sessions HERE

Black Rabbit

Butterfly Knife

Pujol on Vinyl

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