The Monroes BLOW

One of the ugly parts about doing this is the emails you get. Every once in a while a press kit will tip me off to something decent, but 99.9% of the time, you wouldn’t believe the garbage desperate people will send ya. Since I’m bored today, I took a look at some of them, hoping that despite the odds, I might find some band that’s halfway decent. Needless to say, I didn’t. Instead, I found the exact opposite. I found the Monroes.

I guess their management, Hollyville Nashville, thought it would be cute to send me that picture with an explanation of how the band is trying to win Ernie Ball’s Battle of the Bands. First off, battle of the bands were lame in middle school and they’re even worse if you’re older than 15 and still doing that gig. Second, I’ll ignore the fact that they never gave me any free music, because after seeing that picture, I don’t want it. But as a joke, I clicked on their Facebook (which should have been strike three for these people, but apparently I’m a bit slow nowadays). In the 30 seconds I was there, I saw they were “endorsed” by Converse with over 10,000 fans (people amaze me), heard 20 seconds of their first song. After that, I couldn’t take much more.

So why’d I take the time to throw this review up here? I don’t know. Maybe on the distant hope that this’ll stop shitty bands like this from filling my inbox? Probably not, but it is fun to make fun of bands that wear eyeliner & make tiger faces at the camera.

If you feel like torturing yourself for a bit, here’s the link or check out the video below. “Peter Pumpkin Had a Tumor”…………yeah, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s gonna take some seirous whiksey to get that stain out.

Peter Pumpkin Had A Tumor

3 Responses to “The Monroes BLOW”
  1. Devon says:

    This is really funny, obviously you must be a failed musician that takes pride in trying to call other bands crap! Why go trough the hassle, it’s childish.

    This band is amazing, they are almost #2 on that “lame” battle, and deserve a chance. I discovered them on the battle and will definitely support them with my votes.

    Interesting how you state you assume the band is a joke before listening you even listen to the music. Not very professional if you ask me…

    This blog is the only thing that blows..


  2. laughable says:

    lol! this band is laughable!!!!

    dear devon: you don’t aquire success from being in a battle of the bands, this isn’t some cheesed out 90s movie. If you really think that is your “way in” to the music game, well, jesus christ….Posting a rebutle weeks later at 2am? Must really be stressing you out. It’s not 2002 anymore, if you didn’t get the memo, emo is fucking gay and so is boys wearing makeup.

    You’re that guy playing hair metal in 1995. Faggot.

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