Best Coast Does Daytrotter!

Damn, Daytrotter’s been a roll lately. With the Turbo Fruits and PUJOL sessions released in the past two weeks, it seems they’re continuing their streak of putting out artists I actually give a shit about (don’t get me wrong, they have good artists on there, but never this consistent) by releasing Best Coast’s session.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of her and her boyfriend Wavves. However, while Bethany Cosentino’s debut album Crazy for You has grown on me, what really shines are her older songs off her debut EP. That’s what makes this Daytrotter session cool and lame for the same reason. Recorded in 2009, this session only contains tracks from that EP, which sound great. The lame part is that it took Daytrotter this long to put it out. However made that decision should be fired. In fact, hire me instead. I wouldn’t have put these bands on the backburner and I would have more than one good session released a week.

But anyways, check out the session. Her signature dreamy-feel still pulls through outside the studio. Since she’s in the studio right now, I hope she does put out new stuff by the end of the year.

Get the session for free HERE

The Sun Was High (And So Was I)

So Gone

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