Wasting Light – Foo Fighters

Everyone and their mother should know what I think about the Foo Fighters by now. If you’re late to the game, in short, Dave Grohl is mediocre behind a microphone, but a machine behind the drum kit. Stack the 2 Nirvana records with the 2 records he’s done with Josh Homme up against the entire Foo Fighters discography, and it’s no contest. That said, every once in a while, the Foo Fighters put out a CD that has 1 or 2 good songs, but a lot of filler. So now that that’s established…..

The record starts out with the surprisingly strong “Bridges Burning,” a heavy track with lots of riffs. It might not have been the best, but considering how the much the last song they put out sucked, I thought it was a vast improvement. Maybe the rest of the album will be consistent with this?

Unfortunately, the album starts dipping into old declining territory. The new single isn’t too strong and while “Dear Rosemary” has it’s moments, it just doesn’t settle right. The album continues on this slum until “White Limo” which has grown on me. “Arlandia” is another song that has it’s moments, but seriously Dave, you gotta cut down on the muted strumming. It doesn’t make the record heavier. The only thing more annoying is reading the pop up comments that get displayed on the Sound Cloud player.

There are moments I dig on the track”I Should Have Known” and riffs I dig on “A Matter of Time”, but overall, the rest of the album becomes pretty forgetable. Maybe my hopes were set too high because the only Nirvana thing that’s missing from this album is Kurt. This record is evidence of just how important he was to Nirvana. It may be a different outlet, but the band here isn’t making anything unforgettable with this sound.

On the plus side, the band’s move up from having just 2 memorable songs per record to having 4 memorable songs (eh, 3 and a 1/2 really, but I’ll be nice) per record. At least this line-up is making progress. Maybe Dave needs to spend some more time with Them Crooked Vultures. Josh Homme and John Paul Johns could show him how to write cooler and more consistent riffs for the next record.

Listen the album below

2 Responses to “Wasting Light – Foo Fighters”
  1. seanfaheyire says:

    Jesus man get your head out of your ass! Nirvana undoubtedly hold a place in history but this does not mean they have to be glorified beyond where is due. No one can doubt that Dave is a beast behind the drum kit, but he has accomplished more in front of it than behind. Them Crooked Vultures was to me and most a great disappointment. The second greatly anticipated album I had of that year falling victim to Josh Homme’s drawl and dark approach (Arctic Monkeys, Humbug anyone?). Hats off to Foos for another great album. The addition of Pat Smear to the line up and their never ending persistence to add one more dimension to each subsequent album lend their names to a slot in history

    • Jordan Canio says:

      yeah, he really hasn’t accomplished much more after stepping from behind a drum kit. He’s made decent arena rock, but nothing more. The Foos are nowhere near as influential as Nirvana. As for Them Crooked Vultures, yeah, the album at times feels like its in fifth gear at times, but I wouldn’t call it a disappointment. I think people just expected it to be Led Zeppelin’s version of Songs for the Deaf. It’s not. If you were like me and just expected tasty riffs and fun songs, you got what you wanted and then some.
      The Foos need something different. Plain and simple. Every album has a bunch of filler and only a couple of decent song. If this album is them adding another “dimension” as you say, they need something more radical than that to catch my attention and keep me interested.

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