Kings of Leon Jump On the Documentary Band Wagon

For Nashville, Kings of Leon are like disowned sons. They started off with cool southern rock riffs and attitudes, but in their quest for popularity, the music lost it’s soul. Now, most people who aren’t frat boys or alcoholic chicks can’t stand the sight of them. With that and the retarded clothing line they have now, there is only one venue for them to take over now: Hollywood.

Like the Foo Fighters, they made a retrospective documentary. It does look more interesting than the Foo one though. It basically shows how the band’s redneck closet-KKK preacher father raised them to be Jesus loving white trash. Instead, they did a bunch of drugs and drinking and made the first three albums. They then deal with the family backlash for being heathens. These dudes just can’t catch a break when it comes to backlash. The film itself looks like it could be interesting for about 15 minutes, but then get really boring. I mean, how long cna you drag out the “we-have-so-much-opposition-against-us” argument that they have been playing out in the media and every concert I’ve been to of theirs. I guess it would all be more interesting if the music was still interesting. At the end of the day, that’s what it comes down to.

Check out the trailer for the documentary below. It’s getting screened at the Tribeca Film Festival and then I’m sure it’ll be in the bargian pin of every Walmart by the end of the summer.

Talihina Sky 

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