Tonight’s Playlist: Nirvana

17 years ago today, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain joined the 27 Club and left the music world to be taken over by the likes of Limp Bizkit and Creed (as if the day wasn’t dark enough). Many people I know don’t like Nirvana and apparently it’s become cool to hate on them. Fuck that. Nirvana is one of the few bands I listened to when I was 10 that made it through the wash. Kurt’s minimalistic lyrics, simple melodies, and cat-howling voice said more to me than shit like Pearl Jam. That’s what was great about Nirvana and that’s why I think a lot of people hate them or call them overrated: they could say more to more people with sloppy solos and minimalistic lyrics than a lot of bigger bands at the time (Guns ‘N Roses comes to mind) with stage rock antics. It felt purer because it seemed more like expression than giving yourself a handjob on stage.

Anyways, in honor of Kurt, I’ve made a small playlist of some of Nirvana’s lesser known songs/covers (save for Heart-Shaped Box, I just really like that song and the video). I encourage you to either listen to this or In Utero today in loving memory. RIP Kurt.

1. Drain You 

2. Love Buzz 

3. Frances Farmers Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle 

4. Heart Shaped Box 

5. Very Ape 

6. Pennyroyal Tea 

7. Oh Me 

8. The Man Wh0 Sold the World 

9. On A Plain 

10. Territorial Pissings 

Drum kit Dive 

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